Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Petite Ballerina

Milla has started ballet, not to boast or anything... okay I'm her Mumma, I am totally gonna boast! She is doing great! and loves it! After 2 lessons she and her friend got bumped up to the next level. Level 3 for 6-8year olds, not bad for two 4 year olds hey?! 

I also love that I have my very own ballerina to photograph!! I adore Ballerina photographs, there is something magical about them, their grace, their beauty. Put a ballerina in the middle of the field of wild flowers- oh melt my heart. Put a ballerina in the middle of a city scape, instantly adds flow, grace, a softness to the hard surroundings. 

 Waiting for class to begin... 

 Little flower-child was born to dance

Lost in her thoughts