Saturday, February 23, 2013

On This Rainy Saturday

 Sometimes being stuck inside just makes you go stir crazy, the house gets messy no matter what you do. Little people are under your feet every which way you turn and quietness is far from welcome.

However, for us, today, the rain is like the beautiful white noise of the lapping ocean. The mess is proof of fun and laughter. Everyone is calm, everyone is enjoying the company. I couldn't ask for a better day.

Do you ever have those days when you just want to stare at your kids and remember their smell, the lightness of their hair, that changed so slowly you hadn't even noticed it arriving. The soft baby skin and the restricted vocabulary that's like a puzzle to figure out.

"Bed! Bed!"
Say it again Buddy? 
"Bed! Bed!" 
... oh! Bread 
"ess peezz"

I'm having a lovely day! Falling more head over heels for my munchkins to the sound of the rain.

Busy building play-dough people

Ta-Dah! ... and then he "cooked" it in the play kitchen.      

Phoenix has asked at least once an hour to go jump in the puddles. But unfortunately little boys with runny noses don't get to jump in cold muddy puddles, no matter how cute they look in their gumboots, jocks, and hat... (there always seems to be a severe lack of clothing on this boy??!!)  

Meanwhile, Supergirl did her first homework. Some preparation for her news presentation at Kindy on Monday. She's going to talk about her family holiday adventure to the Zoo... First box has a plane with one family member in each window. The second box has Daddy and Phoenix matching in green and blue, while Milla and I match with hearts on our pink dresses. Cute!

On a completely random note! I tried red grapes for the first time. Silly I know! They are great. I have a weird thing about fruit that is hard on the outside and liquid on the inside. I do like green grapes so I figured I would like red ones.... But how do I get past my weird fruit thing? Eat half of it, and then the other half. Hey! I never said I didn't have quirks!  

I love my quirks! They make me, me. xx 

Have an excessively fun and relaxing weekend my fellow quirky loves!!