Saturday, February 16, 2013

No Paper Needed, Outdoor Painting

Sometime you just don't need paper to paint on. The kids got a big roll of bubble wrap from a friend who moved house. We have been jumping on it frequently, so its just about run it's course and heading to the bin.

Outside it goes! Dump some colours on it and then open the back door for the kids to have at it! 

Phoenix brought a paintbrush with him and got very confused when I said he didn't need it. 
I love the delight kids get when they realise they are not supposed to stay clean.

That awesome paint squish feeling.

Hand prints

It was about now that I mentioned they could paint their shirts too...

*cue full body rolls* 

Wanna know how to clean up??

Yes, as you can guess, hose them down. Daddy loooooved this part.

So did the kids