Saturday, February 16, 2013

How To: Use Contact Paper as a Stencil

Most of the time I paint on words and details to my projects and leave the surrounding area as paint free as possible, however occasionally I want the words to be plain and the timber around to be painted. 

Using a stencil is a great way to block out the area not to be painted! 

I have seen on our beloved Pinterest that people use vinyl letters... I have never seen vinyl letters! So I have had to come up with an alternative to do the same job.

Use Contact Paper as a Stencil!
(If you're like me, you'll have a bunch left over from the start of the school year) 

Sharpie pen on Contact Paper
I did a quick freehand, however you could totally get official and neat and tidy with this step. 

Carefully cut it out.

You're left with something like this...

Peal and Stick it onto your project. Make sure the edges are pressed down well, to reduce any seepage. 
The first heart I cut out I wasn't happy with the size on the project, so I made a much bigger one.
(Ignore my spray paint covered hands!!)

Paint several light coats, then remove the contact. Thick coats tend to run much easier.

I have done this on timber and canvas projects-- I haven't done it on anything paper, for the obvious reasons. If you're using paper or cardboard for your project, try using 1. Cardboard as a stencil with double sided tape 2. Masking tape/Painters tape etc... 

Handy Tip!! Keep an eye out for removable wall stickers on sale!! These make great stencils!!!


In honour of Valentines Day.

It's got some yummy rough edges

Much Love!!