Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to Dismantle a Pallet Without Ruining Your Manicure

...If I had a manicure that is... it would be safe! ha!

Dismantling a pallet can be very hard work. Very, very, hard work. Those nails are imbedded and do not want to come out. I guess that's a good thing for a company to have sturdy pallets to move their gear around on... but for what I want it for, having stubborn nails is not helpful.

I have sweated, pulled and hammered attempting to get those suckers apart. Prying the boards apart I broke 2 hammers, pulled all sort of muscles that I didn't even know I had!

Until I figured out how to do it much easier. Much, much, easier

...and I am about to give you all my secrets. 

Dismantling Pallets 
Two Ways.
Pt 1- The First Way: Full Lengths
Ready? Lets do this!

 Electric Multipurpose Saw with a long metal cutting blade. The metal cutting blade didn't come with the Saw, check the shelves at your local hardware shop for the blade.

 Slide the metal cutting blade between the top long board and base timber (or middle timber).

Turn it on and cut through the nails that are holding the two boards together.
Repeat where ever it is nailed together. I like to cut the nails on the outer two edges and then the middle nails

 Here I've cut behind and removed 3 lengths... the bottom of the nails are still imbedded into the middle timber (tiny shiny dots)

Three lovely full lengths of Pallet wood.

The nails are still in the timber... 
If you like the character it adds to your end project, leave them in and file the backs so there are no sharp edges to get scratched by.

The Backs. File that silver dot so there are no rough/pokey edges.


If you don't want the nails in...
 Grab a Phillips head screwdriver and a hammer. Raise the timber slightly, I just used the other planks... so that's about 1cm clearance. On the back side, line up the screwdriver's tip with the silver dots and give it a whack.....

P.S I took that photo with my chin! Yup- multitasking at its best!

 Once you've whacked the dots, flip it to the front side and extract the nails with the claw part of your hammer.

Be very aware of where you put the nails you extract and
throw them all away as soon as you're done. Safety first people! 
Rusty nails are not something you or anyone else wants to step on.

Easy hey!?!?

If I had a manicure, it would be safe and chip free! ha!
 Or in other words this is so easy Paris Hilton my two year old* could do it.

(*Disclaimer... don't let your two year old do this ha!!)

Dismantling Pallets 
Two Ways.
Pt 2- The Second Way: Mid Lengths. Next Post!!