Sunday, February 10, 2013

How To Dismantle Pallets, Two Ways... Pt 2- Mid Lengths

Dismantling Pallets 
Two Ways.
Pt 2- The Second Way: Mid Lengths.

The second way, mid lengths is even easier than the first way (Part 1: Full lengths). All it requires is a jigsaw... or if you are power-tool-less, a hand saw.

Technically this isn't dismantling, I guess, maybe I should call it "Harvesting salvageable timber from a pallet"? Or something like that! Either way! It's a helpful thing to know when you are needing a certain section off a pallet.

I have a Mouse Jigsaw, I love this little baby! It's done everything with me from gardening (I know, misuse! Ha!) to making Stars for everyone's Christmas trees.  

Line up your Jigsaw so the cutting blade cuts through the top boards right beside the Stringer.

 Repeat for the other side of the mid length

Ta- Dah.... a Mid length. 

No nails to attempt to get out and no hard work at all! Great for smaller projects that don't require full lengths.

I cut Mid lengths on pallets where the ends are just not worth trying to salvage. Or if I am in a hurry.

So there you have it!

Dismantling Pallets Two Ways.

Unleash your inner wood-worker and build something awesome with the boards you just salvaged.