Sunday, January 13, 2013

Twine Vine

I have a vine (cannot remember it's name right now) that is destined to crawl over my little garden shed to make it look a little more romantic and a smidgen less box-ish. The garden shed is down cottage lane down the side of the house.  Previously, I had half a pallet leant up against the shed as a temporary fill-in climbing frame, but the vine was quickly running out of pallet and the pallet was quickly being lost under the vine.

I have been meaning to buy some lattice, but every time I went to, I put it back not wanting to spend the money on it right now or now or now or now. So here's my next solution... twine.

Twine Vine

 After de-tangling the vine off the pallet (and lumping it on the ground, calling out to Phoenix to get out of the shed and stop pulling everything out) I tied the twine in a cris-cross using the sheds screws as anchor points.

Delicately re-wound the vine up the twine, whipper-snipped most of the surrounding grass before it suddenly started bucketing rain down on me.... way to ruin my gardening afternoon, storm clouds.

This photo's taken from inside after I dried off.  I'll take a better one, once the sun is shining again.

You know how in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding Windex fixed everything? Yeah, well, in Newly Antique, Twine can fix everything, hehe!