Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sticky Table Craft Time

Australia has been battered by wild weather, fires, floods and droughts. Luckily, we have only had rain. Rain that is watering in my newly-rolled-out grass out the backyard and causing my herb garden to go bazerk and double in size in 2 days.

The kids have been stuck inside for way too long though, they are normally running about the back yard and jumping on the trampoline a lot. Thankfully I stumbled upon a blog called Play Create Explore that has a list of 200+... yes 200+! Activities for ages 1-5! YES!!!!

My rainy day, stir crazy, house bound, bundle of energy balls will love this list!

Just after breakfast I rolled out the Sticky Table craft and left it there all day for us to use. It was a big success for Milla who is a very focused and dedicated art lover. Phoenix had brief moments where he was interested throughout the day- and to me, that is a great success.

What is a Sticky Table?

Clear Contact Paper, sticky side up, and every crafty decoration you can find!

We had feathers, sparkles, pompom balls, googly eyes, stickers, paper etc...

I went through an old IKEA magazine and chopped out anything and everything (people, cups, toys, chairs, books, etc) and put it into a container so the kids could add it to the collage as they wanted.

Feathers and sparkles

Attempting to get a photo of Milla... who disappeared under the table

Yup, did I mention stir crazy? 

Was a great opportunity to use up all the scrappy bits of craft decorations lying around the bottom of my craft boxes! Yay for a little clean out- while keeping the kids entertained.

Thanks to Play Create Explore for the idea!