Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sprinkles In The Freezer

What a way to start off a great year, with something sparkly!! Oh and ice cream! yummy!

A highlight of growing up was getting a sprinkle covered ice cream from the shops (100's & 1000's). This is one tradition that will continue on, mainly because I loooove them. I know my kids will remember fun things about growing up too and one of those will be sparkly ice creams!!

Doesn't this just look healthy and yummy?! Ha!
On a hot summer day like today, this is so refreshing.

Ice cream (from Aldi) cheap cones (from Coles)

Continually buying ice creams would get expensive so make-at-home is best,
 (Making it fun with sprinkles can encourage your kids it enjoy home-made rather than store bought.)


Put some 100's & 1000's in a zip lock bag, store it in the freezer... you'll see why soon.

Dip your ice cream cone into the zip lock bag. The pressure of dipping into the sprinkles makes them stick so much better. We tried sprinkling the sprinkles (hmm) onto the ice cream but it just bounced right off and landed everywhere but where I wanted them. And those suckers are a pain to vacuum up!

(yes, I have a Wiggles band-aid on... cheese burn ha!) 

See?! Much more fun!!
Now close the zip lock bag and throw it back in the freezer.

Why the freezer?
It keeps the sprinkles fresh. If any of the ice cream accidentally gets left behind in the sprinkles bag, it wont go off. Put it in the warm pantry and any tiny bits of cream will go rancid real quick!

 nom nom!
Ice Cream time!!