Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spray Painting For Kids

Phoenix looves playing with spray bottles, you know, the ones they use at the hair dressers to moisten (gosh I hate that word- thanks libra ads!) your hair while they cut.  He will chase anyone around the house with it, laughing his little head off at the same time. 

While he was outside today "Watering the grass"  I refilled his sprayer with a little surprise...

Food Colouring

I started off with a big white paper on the ground but the water didn't show up as well, it just kind of puddled and dripped off... so I grabbed some tissues and laid it on top of the paper- worked perfectly! Once those were full of water, I just laid down a few more.

Fill the Sprayer with about 3/4 cup (or less) water and a few drops of food colouring. If you do too much water it will take too long to use it all up to change colour... learnt that the hard way.

Squirt squirt

 See the tissue, nice coloured, while the paper side has barely any colour. 

 The kiddies took turns and every time they swapped I changed the colour... what colour they got was a surprise. They didn't find out, till they started spraying. 

Smile muffin!!