Friday, January 11, 2013

Out and About with Kellie and David

Come on a journey, through time and space... okay maybe just to the city centre and back. Both kids are in daycare, Davids on holidays. What?! Say that again? No kids, husband home... DATE DAY!! 
Jump in our non-airconditioned car on a 40degree day windows down, music chosen (by David, because Dolly Parton is not acceptable choice apparently) Lets go!

There is something about being kid-free that sends me a little silly. 

Found myself a comfy seat in the guitar shop...

It is physically impossible or there abouts for my love to walk past a music shop and not go in for hours and hours. None of this is exaggeration at all, by the way. So I make a bee line for the comfy-est chair in the building and instagram/facebook with a coffee in the other hand. 

Found the longest travelator ever!! I was puffed by the end of it. This isn't even a quarter of it's length! Super fun!

A glorious wall of coffee pods

Apple Store!   Newly Antique!   Yeah!   (They are genius after all ;)

P.S Check out the guy behind me, he thinks I'm a weirdo! Ha! Or he wants to kills me for ruining his precious Apple time? Evil stare going on.

On to lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks

Love us! 

Yup, I live here. How blessed am I?! Driving over Circular Quay. Off home to get our beautiful babies
 (Windows down of course, it's so sunny and hot today!!)