Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just Begin

For all those with New Year Resolutions and ambitions to make and do things, this pretty little printable is for you.

2012 went far too quickly, so I guess we better get a jump on this year before it disappears also! 

What's been happening Kellie??!! 

I have been very occupied with a few house projects! 

Labor-intensive and tan-building landscaping out the back yard. Lets just say getting rid of a huge hill of what turned out to be clay and rock landfill, not soil, is not a small task for one mum of littlies. Phew! But, when I look at the small portion that I have levelled by hand, I definitely have an appreciation like never before! Photos to come!

The other ongoing project is the transformation of my kitchen cupboards. Slowly, a few doors at a time, my kitchen is becoming a favourite place. Bright and fresh with new hardware and a fresh coat of paint... I can not wait for this to be finished! 3 more doors! but alas! I have run out of primer ...HALT... everything has come to a halt. Being diligent to my 2013 budget (Hello 2013-New-Years-Resolution! Budget Budget Budget!!) means spreading out these costs. 

I'll be taking some pretty pictures very soon to show you! 

It's looking good! 

I also have eyes for some new timber I have acquired. Ready to start making some saw dust once again! Fun Fun! 

Phoenix has started Daycare! and one more week till Milla starts "Big School!" eek!

All right my loves.... Let's Begin!