Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to turn letters BACKWARDS using WORD program.

Even though I use this frequently, I still manage to continually forget how to do this, so I figured it was about time I wrote it down (so I remember!!).

It is a very helpful skill to know how to rotate words in the DIY world. When you are directly (face down) transferring the ink or image, it ends up being the right direction. Otherwise you would have a back-der-font, very unique, project.

I use a MAC laptop, but I still have Word Program. Not sure how that works because I rely way too much on my tech savvy hubby to navigate the Apple world for me. It looks like a big blue W, mine is Microsoft Word: MAC 2011. That is the Program I will use as the example. Yours may look a little different depending on your program date.    

P.S! I'm gonna assume you have basic WORD Program skills ok?

How to turn letters BACKWARDS using WORD program. 

1. OPEN WORD (Dah!) Select orientation of the page. I always like landscape.

2. Select Text Box
Two options to find text box...
    a. Select the Insert tab, then Text Box or
    b. Select Text Box from the top featured settings
Insert then Text Box

Top Arrow: Featured settings Text Box
Bottom Arrow: Drag the text box as big as you need

3. Type what you want in the text box
          -Make it the size, colour, font you want.

4. Right-click inside the text box and select Format Text Effects...

5. Click on Text 3-D Rotation

6.  Click the button next to the X till the text rotates...  

Ready Ready?? Ready to click the X? Here it goes!!!!... Spin spin spin
Clicking the X... or you could just type 180 into the degree box (boo.. not fun, I like watching it spin) 

Ta-Dah!!! Your done. Print as you would normally.

Happy crafting everyone!!