Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finding Lost Treasures

I am thrilled to show you two things I found!! Someone was throwing these little treasures out. While they caught my eye, their original owners no longer saw the beauty in their chipped paint and rustic features....

Mummy's Chippie Rocking Chair.
Look at this beautie!! For me, it is in perfect condition! Ha! 

It's rustic, it's flaking, it's super comfy.
I think I will clean it a tad and then seal in the worn look to help it endure a little outdoor weather.

 Relaxing, tranquil, bliss, rocking in my chair...

 Not so relaxing, tranquil, bliss, in front of my rocking chair, ha!


Hush a bye baby 

 How amazing is this vintage pram! It works perfectly, just needs some love and a clean. 

 Milla loves it
Perfect for my baby-loving four year old. 

One mans trash really is another's treasure.