Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Frame Barrette Holder

Little girls love their accessories! Milla has many headbands, ties and barrettes. I am working towards creatively storing them while freeing up some of her duchess dressing table space. 

While rummaging through my shed I found two things- a pretty picture fame that I kept for it's cuteness and chicken wire, left over from a fence. These two powers combine to make.....

A Picture Frame Barrette Holder.

Held up by a couple of screws on the side of her dresser. 

This was me making it... Kids distracted and having a great time with Duplo and Grandma.
I did use a small pair of pliers to twist the chicken wire around everything and anything on the back side of the frame. Tucking in any pointy edges so Milla doesn't get poked at all. 

A little pink pipe cleaner tied on as a hook for hair ties. 
All at her level (you know, independence and such)