Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dig, Dig, Diggin' away...

You are about to meet the back corner of my yard. Don't judge her, she has been very neglected for the past 10 or so years. The owners before us planted trees and shrubs along the back fence and half contained garden bed. They are now big and tall and strong, love them. 

This corner has annoyed me since we moved in, it is a hill where the grass will not grow properly and makes the trampoline have a steep angle. So I figured I would level it out a bit ha! Bring on the landscaping!! 

 The first of many many piles of dirt, rock and clay. What was only 3 horizontal logs visible, I dug down and it is now 4. I figured I would just continue on and level the whole way along in line with the 4th log and then as time goes on purchase more logs to continue the garden bed all the way along.

 What?? What is this I've uncovered?? No way! Another pillar post! that means there could be logs under here too! Seriously, I felt like an archaeologist digging up lost treasure.

This is as close to a before photo as I have got (top piccy) I had just started on the big hill part. My broken blue Esky is filled with rocks (that I painstakingly dug out) and was a great resting seat.

 Dig, dig, shovel, shovel at least 2 tons and 4 weeks later.... look what I found under all that rock and rubble!! The logs go all the way along and you know what? There is even another one, further under the ground- which I could not attempting to landscape to that extent, 40 degree C temperatures- hard yakka doesn't even begin to cut it!

 Another day, another pile of dirt to move...

 woohoo (Sarcasm)... making it to the fence. Oh I need a glass of wine just reliving this dig!

And by the magic powers of bloggerville, I give you...
 Grass!!... and a new and much more user-friendly corner.

Still a lot to be done, but for now I'll keep watering it and the grass will spread out and blend in with what was already there.

One day, when my tan needs a re-boost and my muscles have stopped aching, I will get out there and re-build the garden beds so they are 5 logs high like the first set, build proper garden edging and plant more in the side garden. Until then! I'm off for a soothing Epsom Salts bath and will work on smaller projects.

There you have it!