Thursday, January 10, 2013

Contacting School Books for Dummies...

I am a newbie, lets just get that out there, I am a complete newbie! Milla is about to start "Big school" Kindergarden here we come!! I have entered the world of school shoes and packed lunches!

What's this? A book list! Yeah! I love stationary shopping, the acquiring of a fresh book, a new pencil, bliss! Then I sat down with 6 Large Scrapbooks and 6 rolls of contact paper and breathed a big deep I-can-do-this breath.

Read all the instructions, if you unroll the contact a tad it's printed on the inside. Seems easy enough. Half way through the first attempt of contact covering a book I thought... I need to ring my Mother! She made this look so easy!! hehe!

Things Needed: 

Bank Card/Store Card
Tissue (to wrap around the Store Card.)
Something heavy: I used Phoenixes snack container- complete with popcorn. 
Contact paper

AND most important...

Distraction for the little people! (Lunch and Madagascar)

Tip Top Tip!: The thicker contact is actually better!! I tried a few of the cheap stuff and some of the thicker stuff. It's definitely worth the extra .50c!! 


Lets Get Started!!!

1. Lay out your book on the contact. Cut it to the correct size leaving 3cm trim all the way round

At this point I CUT a Triangle in-line with the books spine. It's not in the contacts instructions but it definitely helped me line up the center of the contact with the books spine.

2Peel back half of the contact. Place the weight (popcorn) on one side to hold it down. Keep hold of the other side so it doesn't roll on itself!!

If that sucker rolls on itself, oh man! Kiss that baby goodbye. Okay reigning in the melodramatics. Lets just say, it's quite difficult to un-stick from itself! 

3. Line up the spine of your book with the tips of the two triangles. Roll the book flat.

4. Flip it over and using the Store Card wrapped in a tissue to smooth out any bubbles.

5. Cut the corners off the contact then fold the flaps down. Repeat the whole thing for the other side.

Bust out your labeller and get label happy! ;-)

Ta-Dah! Lovely covered scrapbooks ready to have some some fun at school!


Tip Top Tip #2...

Buy an extra book to allow for at least one of these! Especially if this is your first attempt!

Want the list of what I did wrong?

1. Didn't pay attention when folding the sides in and stuck them down on the 5th or 6th page in.
2. Attempted to un-stick the failed sides and in the process rip out a bunch of pages.
3. Pulled the wrong piece of plastic which was covering the next bit of contact... 
4. Squished the cover down on the accidentally uncovered contact. (The cheapo contact)

FAIL! Fail Fail. Fail fail fail fail.

Too far gone now to bother to attempt to recover it, I folded the edges haphazardly and labelled it Milla on the nicer side.

"Ohh look Milla! A book for you to use before School starts"

Good luck covering!!