Saturday, January 5, 2013

Before You Chalkboard Paint...

Chalkboard paint (or Blackboard paint) is very popular at the moment. Pinterest is full of amazing ideas of furniture, frames and even walls painted with it. I highly recommend it as a fun option for you and your kids. I have done several projects with chalkboard paint; my kitchen pallet wood frame and even my three additional kitchen cupboards are coated with the paint.

However before you go all crazy painting every flat surface with Chalkboard Paint I present a few things for you to consider....

1. Are you okay with it fading.
Brand new... bold black!

er... not so bold black.

Every day or even occasional use of the Chalkboard fades it from a gorgeous deep black to a faded black. The bright black tends to only last until that first quote has been written after that, the closet you'll get is if you give it a good whip and light scrub to get the chalk out of the rough bumps, even then it's not quite the same as the day it finished drying.

2. Maintenance. 
Are you okay with it looking like this most of the time?

Kids random scribbles. A freshly cleaned chalkboard is a beacon for young kids. It just screams Draw on me!! Scratches. Sharp edges of chalk can scratch into the paint, not enough to damage the paint but it does show up. Oily hand prints and chalk remanence... remember what your classroom board looked like? Expect similar of yours with use.

3. What is under the area to paint?

This is an important thing to consider because of Chalk dust. With every stroke drawn, a tiny little shower of chalk lands on what ever is below and a little around. When you duster off the drawings more lands again. Even if you use a damp cloth, some will flake off.

Be aware of the Chalk dust, especially if anyone has severe asthma in the family. Chalk dust is not recommended to breath in- so make sure it doesn't land on beds or similar items. My Kitchen one lands on carpet, I have to be aware to vacuum under it frequently to make sure the chalk doesn't rub in and stain.

4.  Chalkboard placement.

Will it be something that you lean against? Rest upon? How clean did you want to keep your black jeans? hehe! Remember how easily chalk rubs onto anything it touches. Chalk doesn't care if it's taken you hours to get ready and decide what to wear and dodge kiddy boogers and sticky fingers before your date night- It says touch me and I'm yours! bahaha! outfit ruined. Oh well.

I love my chalkboards, and I recommend them!! I just thought maybe someone should mention some cons to you before you launch headlong into chalkboard painting everything and anything.

Have fun painting!