Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australian Wildlife for Australia Day

In honour of this bright and sunny day, perfect for BBQ's and beach visits, thought I might share some photos from our adventure to Featherdale Wildlife Park. Who wouldn't want to see Australia's cute and cuddly wildlife?... Don't fret, I will skip all the poisonous ones.

Ready to go! Featherdale "passport" ready to get stamped along the way.

Pelicans. Milla got to be the first to feed them. 

Echidnas! They waddle waddle, so cute! 

Koala meet and greet.

Our Family

 Kangaroo... you know, just chillaxing ready for an afternoon nap.

P.S They bite. 

 Geko. I love gekos!! This little guy is about 7cm long and was climbing the glass.

 Fake? Fake Crocodile?

 Nope. Big-as, real, alive, and deadly crocodile 

 You think he's sleeping.... but he's got one eye on you

zzzzz... This is Kellie, she is totally comfy... and asleep. I like her! 

 How great are Koalas!