Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spray Painting For Kids

Phoenix looves playing with spray bottles, you know, the ones they use at the hair dressers to moisten (gosh I hate that word- thanks libra ads!) your hair while they cut.  He will chase anyone around the house with it, laughing his little head off at the same time. 

While he was outside today "Watering the grass"  I refilled his sprayer with a little surprise...

Food Colouring

I started off with a big white paper on the ground but the water didn't show up as well, it just kind of puddled and dripped off... so I grabbed some tissues and laid it on top of the paper- worked perfectly! Once those were full of water, I just laid down a few more.

Fill the Sprayer with about 3/4 cup (or less) water and a few drops of food colouring. If you do too much water it will take too long to use it all up to change colour... learnt that the hard way.

Squirt squirt

 See the tissue, nice coloured, while the paper side has barely any colour. 

 The kiddies took turns and every time they swapped I changed the colour... what colour they got was a surprise. They didn't find out, till they started spraying. 

Smile muffin!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Frame Barrette Holder

Little girls love their accessories! Milla has many headbands, ties and barrettes. I am working towards creatively storing them while freeing up some of her duchess dressing table space. 

While rummaging through my shed I found two things- a pretty picture fame that I kept for it's cuteness and chicken wire, left over from a fence. These two powers combine to make.....

A Picture Frame Barrette Holder.

Held up by a couple of screws on the side of her dresser. 

This was me making it... Kids distracted and having a great time with Duplo and Grandma.
I did use a small pair of pliers to twist the chicken wire around everything and anything on the back side of the frame. Tucking in any pointy edges so Milla doesn't get poked at all. 

A little pink pipe cleaner tied on as a hook for hair ties. 
All at her level (you know, independence and such)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sticky Table Craft Time

Australia has been battered by wild weather, fires, floods and droughts. Luckily, we have only had rain. Rain that is watering in my newly-rolled-out grass out the backyard and causing my herb garden to go bazerk and double in size in 2 days.

The kids have been stuck inside for way too long though, they are normally running about the back yard and jumping on the trampoline a lot. Thankfully I stumbled upon a blog called Play Create Explore that has a list of 200+... yes 200+! Activities for ages 1-5! YES!!!!

My rainy day, stir crazy, house bound, bundle of energy balls will love this list!

Just after breakfast I rolled out the Sticky Table craft and left it there all day for us to use. It was a big success for Milla who is a very focused and dedicated art lover. Phoenix had brief moments where he was interested throughout the day- and to me, that is a great success.

What is a Sticky Table?

Clear Contact Paper, sticky side up, and every crafty decoration you can find!

We had feathers, sparkles, pompom balls, googly eyes, stickers, paper etc...

I went through an old IKEA magazine and chopped out anything and everything (people, cups, toys, chairs, books, etc) and put it into a container so the kids could add it to the collage as they wanted.

Feathers and sparkles

Attempting to get a photo of Milla... who disappeared under the table

Yup, did I mention stir crazy? 

Was a great opportunity to use up all the scrappy bits of craft decorations lying around the bottom of my craft boxes! Yay for a little clean out- while keeping the kids entertained.

Thanks to Play Create Explore for the idea!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australian Wildlife for Australia Day

In honour of this bright and sunny day, perfect for BBQ's and beach visits, thought I might share some photos from our adventure to Featherdale Wildlife Park. Who wouldn't want to see Australia's cute and cuddly wildlife?... Don't fret, I will skip all the poisonous ones.

Ready to go! Featherdale "passport" ready to get stamped along the way.

Pelicans. Milla got to be the first to feed them. 

Echidnas! They waddle waddle, so cute! 

Koala meet and greet.

Our Family

 Kangaroo... you know, just chillaxing ready for an afternoon nap.

P.S They bite. 

 Geko. I love gekos!! This little guy is about 7cm long and was climbing the glass.

 Fake? Fake Crocodile?

 Nope. Big-as, real, alive, and deadly crocodile 

 You think he's sleeping.... but he's got one eye on you

zzzzz... This is Kellie, she is totally comfy... and asleep. I like her! 

 How great are Koalas! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dig, Dig, Diggin' away...

You are about to meet the back corner of my yard. Don't judge her, she has been very neglected for the past 10 or so years. The owners before us planted trees and shrubs along the back fence and half contained garden bed. They are now big and tall and strong, love them. 

This corner has annoyed me since we moved in, it is a hill where the grass will not grow properly and makes the trampoline have a steep angle. So I figured I would level it out a bit ha! Bring on the landscaping!! 

 The first of many many piles of dirt, rock and clay. What was only 3 horizontal logs visible, I dug down and it is now 4. I figured I would just continue on and level the whole way along in line with the 4th log and then as time goes on purchase more logs to continue the garden bed all the way along.

 What?? What is this I've uncovered?? No way! Another pillar post! that means there could be logs under here too! Seriously, I felt like an archaeologist digging up lost treasure.

This is as close to a before photo as I have got (top piccy) I had just started on the big hill part. My broken blue Esky is filled with rocks (that I painstakingly dug out) and was a great resting seat.

 Dig, dig, shovel, shovel at least 2 tons and 4 weeks later.... look what I found under all that rock and rubble!! The logs go all the way along and you know what? There is even another one, further under the ground- which I could not attempting to landscape to that extent, 40 degree C temperatures- hard yakka doesn't even begin to cut it!

 Another day, another pile of dirt to move...

 woohoo (Sarcasm)... making it to the fence. Oh I need a glass of wine just reliving this dig!

And by the magic powers of bloggerville, I give you...
 Grass!!... and a new and much more user-friendly corner.

Still a lot to be done, but for now I'll keep watering it and the grass will spread out and blend in with what was already there.

One day, when my tan needs a re-boost and my muscles have stopped aching, I will get out there and re-build the garden beds so they are 5 logs high like the first set, build proper garden edging and plant more in the side garden. Until then! I'm off for a soothing Epsom Salts bath and will work on smaller projects.

There you have it!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to turn letters BACKWARDS using WORD program.

Even though I use this frequently, I still manage to continually forget how to do this, so I figured it was about time I wrote it down (so I remember!!).

It is a very helpful skill to know how to rotate words in the DIY world. When you are directly (face down) transferring the ink or image, it ends up being the right direction. Otherwise you would have a back-der-font, very unique, project.

I use a MAC laptop, but I still have Word Program. Not sure how that works because I rely way too much on my tech savvy hubby to navigate the Apple world for me. It looks like a big blue W, mine is Microsoft Word: MAC 2011. That is the Program I will use as the example. Yours may look a little different depending on your program date.    

P.S! I'm gonna assume you have basic WORD Program skills ok?

How to turn letters BACKWARDS using WORD program. 

1. OPEN WORD (Dah!) Select orientation of the page. I always like landscape.

2. Select Text Box
Two options to find text box...
    a. Select the Insert tab, then Text Box or
    b. Select Text Box from the top featured settings
Insert then Text Box

Top Arrow: Featured settings Text Box
Bottom Arrow: Drag the text box as big as you need

3. Type what you want in the text box
          -Make it the size, colour, font you want.

4. Right-click inside the text box and select Format Text Effects...

5. Click on Text 3-D Rotation

6.  Click the button next to the X till the text rotates...  

Ready Ready?? Ready to click the X? Here it goes!!!!... Spin spin spin
Clicking the X... or you could just type 180 into the degree box (boo.. not fun, I like watching it spin) 

Ta-Dah!!! Your done. Print as you would normally.

Happy crafting everyone!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just Begin

For all those with New Year Resolutions and ambitions to make and do things, this pretty little printable is for you.

2012 went far too quickly, so I guess we better get a jump on this year before it disappears also! 

What's been happening Kellie??!! 

I have been very occupied with a few house projects! 

Labor-intensive and tan-building landscaping out the back yard. Lets just say getting rid of a huge hill of what turned out to be clay and rock landfill, not soil, is not a small task for one mum of littlies. Phew! But, when I look at the small portion that I have levelled by hand, I definitely have an appreciation like never before! Photos to come!

The other ongoing project is the transformation of my kitchen cupboards. Slowly, a few doors at a time, my kitchen is becoming a favourite place. Bright and fresh with new hardware and a fresh coat of paint... I can not wait for this to be finished! 3 more doors! but alas! I have run out of primer ...HALT... everything has come to a halt. Being diligent to my 2013 budget (Hello 2013-New-Years-Resolution! Budget Budget Budget!!) means spreading out these costs. 

I'll be taking some pretty pictures very soon to show you! 

It's looking good! 

I also have eyes for some new timber I have acquired. Ready to start making some saw dust once again! Fun Fun! 

Phoenix has started Daycare! and one more week till Milla starts "Big School!" eek!

All right my loves.... Let's Begin!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Twine Vine

I have a vine (cannot remember it's name right now) that is destined to crawl over my little garden shed to make it look a little more romantic and a smidgen less box-ish. The garden shed is down cottage lane down the side of the house.  Previously, I had half a pallet leant up against the shed as a temporary fill-in climbing frame, but the vine was quickly running out of pallet and the pallet was quickly being lost under the vine.

I have been meaning to buy some lattice, but every time I went to, I put it back not wanting to spend the money on it right now or now or now or now. So here's my next solution... twine.

Twine Vine

 After de-tangling the vine off the pallet (and lumping it on the ground, calling out to Phoenix to get out of the shed and stop pulling everything out) I tied the twine in a cris-cross using the sheds screws as anchor points.

Delicately re-wound the vine up the twine, whipper-snipped most of the surrounding grass before it suddenly started bucketing rain down on me.... way to ruin my gardening afternoon, storm clouds.

This photo's taken from inside after I dried off.  I'll take a better one, once the sun is shining again.

You know how in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding Windex fixed everything? Yeah, well, in Newly Antique, Twine can fix everything, hehe!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finding Lost Treasures

I am thrilled to show you two things I found!! Someone was throwing these little treasures out. While they caught my eye, their original owners no longer saw the beauty in their chipped paint and rustic features....

Mummy's Chippie Rocking Chair.
Look at this beautie!! For me, it is in perfect condition! Ha! 

It's rustic, it's flaking, it's super comfy.
I think I will clean it a tad and then seal in the worn look to help it endure a little outdoor weather.

 Relaxing, tranquil, bliss, rocking in my chair...

 Not so relaxing, tranquil, bliss, in front of my rocking chair, ha!


Hush a bye baby 

 How amazing is this vintage pram! It works perfectly, just needs some love and a clean. 

 Milla loves it
Perfect for my baby-loving four year old. 

One mans trash really is another's treasure.