Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Project: Adding a touch of Christmas

Christmas Time! Christmas Time!! Most crafty time of the year, really, don't you think? Gifts and decorations- so much fun!! I don't have a lot of storage space to keep tons of decorations for year after year in storage, and I cant leave them out! Especially when the decorations are so specific to a particular season it would just look odd having them out all year.... Baubles in June anyone? Reindeers in September? No? Ok.

I have several cheap-o, thrifty-sourced, frames about my house, they are decorating my piano (that I use as my fake mantle shelf, cause we don't have a fireplace). They are currently Duck Egg Blue, because it is the coolest colour in the world matched the decor theme surrounding it at the time. Now that it's Christmas, its not expressing the festive theme very well... time for a make over!!

Duck Egg Blue frame. Tutankhamen. Lollie rewards for potty use... 

Add a splash of RED!!

2 coats of Red straight over the top of the Duck Egg. 

Simple and elegant I think. Add a few tree baubles and I have made the little area a bit more festive without compromising my storage space at all.

 Even the tissue box is feeling festive. 

I am even excited for January, After the Christmas tree has been packed away. I'll get out my paint scraper and scrape off some red and chip through some of the under layers. There is so much potential!

A lick of paint on things can instantly change the feel and look of an item. 
Before you throw something out see if you can upcycle it into something different. 

Give it a try!!! 


Kids Craft: Little Fairy Gardens

It's been raining lately so the grass is growing like crazy-town! We need to mow it once it dries out, however, until then, it makes for a great big wilderness just aching to be explored-- ey' there be buried treasure out there... wait, no...

 Be careful where you step for there is tiny little fairies 
dancing about the long grass and flower buds 
gathering up the raindrops to make 
splash puddles for us to jump in!  

Quick! Gather up some nature, the fairies need a garden!

Supplies Needed:
Disposable plate or bowl

Gather up the nature, make it pretty. Tell me a story of who wants to live there

Phoenixes "attempt" ended up with soaked PJs hanging on the line and a nakie-butt photo-bombing Millas photos... He preferred to play in the splashy puddles the fairies had made already. Boys. 

Weeds? no way! These are beautiful, elegant yellow and white decorations


Tinkerbell doesn't live here though, Milla was very adamant about that. Only the Garden Fairy lives here, and it must stay beside the Christmas tree so everyone can see it. 

There is so many additions that could come with this craft. Rocks, sticks, houses of some sort! The options are endless- or limited by one's imagination. 

Get Creative! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Few Random Things...

So I was flicking through the Better Homes and Gardens magazine with my coffee yesterday and I came across...

Lookie lookie!! Fabric Name tags!!! They used them for table place cards, but still!! 
Great minds think alike hey! 


Salvos Stores were having a birthday sale! We just happened to be driving past and spot the balloons. We needed to source a detailed picture frame for a friend so I figured we had better check it out. 

While we were there we scored a $1.50 dress for Milla! 
 Love a good bargin! 


 A little snoozing princess, under her christmas twinkling lights. 
Surprised her with a tiny thread of lights on her headboard. 
Milla thought it was the best thing she had ever seen. 

A few photos of my boy...

No, not coffee, just water for him. Could you imagine a 2year old boy having coffee??!! Oh, all the gaff tape in the world wouldn't stop them from bouncing off the walls!! 

Cute little man! 


We made it to the Rozelle Markets on Saturday. Picked up a whole bag of lace doilies for $20, for my Sister in-laws BABY shower! OH yes!! I'm gonna be an Auntie!!!! Hello!!!! Making some lace Bunting to hang up as decorations.

IM GONNA BE AN AUNTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also got some Bunting curtains for Phoenixes room $5!!! Shaweeet!! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pinterest Picks: Activities with Little Kids

I thought I'd run along the lines of DIY fun-with-the-boxes this week and find all the DIY/activity things that you can do with your own kids, or let you live vicariously through those people who have done with their kids! 

Just to warn you let you know, DIY with Kids is super fun and... Character building. Not theirs. Yours! Relax! 

Paint using CARS!!

Edible Snack-laces!!

Bath Painting

Homemade Toys

50 Activities for Toddlers!

Wipe tubs and bottle caps... and much much more

--All photos borrowed from Pinterest/original owners, not mine. 
Click the source button to see where it came from xx

Get creative with your littlies!! They love it, and making that time for them is (although not said by them) somehow absorbed into their little bodies and makes them feel loved!! 

There are a bazillion more posts on blogs of kids activities this is just a small selection from Pinterest this week. I know I need all the help I can get when it comes to that day when I am so overtired I can barely function ready to play. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Here Comes The Bride Sign Update

Here Comes The Bride sign has had a cute little custom addition. A rope handle for older children or a helpful lanyard for the littlies. 

Signs for weddings has become hugely popular and can I just say... I wish it was in fashion 7 years ago because I love it!!!!  Seriously love it! As a wedding guest, it makes it so much easier to... find the wedding/find the toilets!!/Know when to stand up cause that beautiful princess is about to come down the isle. 

Weddings are getting so fun!!
Love it!

Give the Kid a Box

How many times have we heard "He played with the box more than the gift that was in it!"-- ALL the time! Kids love boxes! They are like a portal into another world!

It's a Car!

It's a Rocket!

It's a blank canvas to decorate!

It's a hide-y hole to play pick-a-boo in! 

 Like your box buddy? 

Told this girl to strike a pose...

Morning tea in a box... literally! Ha! 

Where's Phoenix?

If you have holidays coming up and ever, by chance, come across boxes- Grab some!! Make them big enough to get into though. These boxes came from Bunnings, Milla asked, I figured heck! Why not!!

Millas decorations so far

Hours of fun! Free (most of the time) and if it gets destroyed? It don't matta'... throw it in the recycling bin.

Have a good weekend!!! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pinterest Picks: Tickling the Funny Bone

It's almost become a nightly habit to check the Humour boards and have a little chuckle before bed. Sometimes those Ecards are a bit like, the one person in the crowd who says the thing that everyone else is thinking- and that's why it's hillarious. Or just plain awkward. Or animals with the perfect caption- WIN!  

Here's a small snippet of the ones I found quirky this week! 

All pictures borrowed from Pinterest 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Little Wooden Star

Twinkle Twinkle little star... 

Whipped up a little wooden star to hang on our door. Something a little different to the green wreath that I typically see hanging on doors. I think it suits the rustic theme we have for Christmas this year!! Yay!!!  

Knock knock! 

Twine makes everything awesome! Ha!!

Every time we get to the door one or both of the kids points to it excitedly "STAR! STAR!!" 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Gift Tags Pt 2: Fabric and Snowflakes

Running along with the handmade gift tags series. Here are the next two types of gift tags that can adorn your carefully selected Christmas gifts. 

Repurpose some of the fabric you have hanging around.

Plain rectangle with fabric marker

Get creative with different patterns to highlight the wrapping paper you choose.

Paper Snowflakes
This is a great way to get your kids involved with creating gift tags! 

There are a bunch of tutorials online on how to make the fancy-pants snowflakes.

These ones on Pinterest 

No need to stick to just white, use what you have around the house
 or use artwork that your kids make (ask first!)