Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Very Own Domain Name

So did you test it out? If you didn't, go back and type it again... ... yes that's right I have done a little shifty shift over to having my own domain name. No more (although that will still work if you do type it)  Yes, Yes, off you go, try it again... But remember to come back OK? 

It's the small things in life that make me excited. This little journey into blog land has been so very exciting and daunting and all together awesome, much of it due to all you wonderful people who read me and my ramblings. Also to my hubby who allows bloggy to steal some of his wife's attention (to the moon and back my love! xx) 

Feel free to become my bloggy friend (Google Friend Connect) the more the merrier, follow on Facebook, Twitter, many many options in this very connected world of ours. I enjoy and love your comments and emails! Keep them coming!  

On an unrelated note, I finished the undercoat of the lounge room walls- tranquil retreat- I am loving it. Dirty-marked-unloved-bland-cream be gone. I cannot wait to do a top coat! I need to move towards being complete so I don't feel bad about starting a new pallet wood project ... or two! Ha! Must finish already started projects!!! 

You want to know what I'm gonna make don't you? well surprises. hehe you'll just have to wait. 

Be creative, try something new and above all- You are more capable than you think!!! 

From my family to you with love! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easy Pumpkin Scones

The Castle cake I made the other day used heaps less ingredients than I had planned so I have plenty of left over flour and tubs and tubs of butter. So today I picked up a pumpkin today and cranked on the oven and whipped up a batch of Pumpkin Scones.

Don't they just look so yummy! They are hot and fresh out of the oven and (confession) I had 3 immediately with way too much butter. 

Easy Pumpkin Scones

3 1/2 cups self raising flour (Keep about 3 more cups)
1 cup mashed up pumpkin
55g Butter
1 egg
1/2 sugar
1/2 cup milk

1. Beat butter into submission until soft, add in the sugar. Mix in the smooshy pumpkin and the egg. Add milk, then slowly add flour (Add more flour as needed) 

2. Turn dough onto a very floured board and knead gently. Roll out and cut out small circles.

3. Place onto floured baking tray, Bake at 200C for 15mins. 

They turn out really yummy, but don't eat them all yourself!! Share them!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Castle Birthday Cake

I had a phone call last week from one of my Besties, except when I answered the call it wasn't her... it was her little girl. Her birthday was coming up and I knew there was only one thing that she would be calling about "Can you make me a castle cake from the cake book please?"... How could I resist such a cutie-pie??!

The recipe (2 pages long) states at the beginning... Not difficult, just time consuming.  Gulp- No pressure. It was correct tho, it wasn't difficult just hours and hours consuming. All of a sudden it was midnight, I was done!!... and everyone was asleep!! No one to admire my Castle! 

So this is how she slept... in a 50litre container!!

 Knock Knock! Can we come visit Tinkerb... um Pink fairy? 
Lollipop mushrooms? yum yum!

Gummy bear garden

Have a great birthday beautiful!!... and sorry about the upcoming sugar high mummy!!! haha!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project: Round Dining Table

It's ANZAC day today, it marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. Lest we forget.


We got given a wooden, round, four seater dining table from a wonderful friend who no longer needed it. The table just screamed- Paint Me!!! Antique me! looooove me! So what do you think I did today with my day off? Yup coated the entire house with sanding dust.... As usual, too preoccupied with starting to bother with thinking about the mess... 

To back track a little, I had thought about it a tad. But it was 11 degrees Celsius outside so there was no way I was going to bundle up to go out there to sand it down. Plus its been raining lately a lot so the ground is unbelievably soggy- I'm surprised my grass hasn't drowned. 

So here is my progress!! 

Table before.

Sourced some extra hands to help sand this baby back 

Well sanded top and lightly sanded legs

White primer undercoat on the top

The essentials to a good paint job... 

Lifted the legs up on old books 

One leg done, three to go...

 Called in some more hands... I really must invest in some better looking painting clothes! Hello Mc Scruffy. 

Table with the top primer done, legs top coat done.  This is where we are up to. 4 Chairs to go and top coats on the table top. 

So not done yet, but the progress is very exciting!! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Project: Easy Canvas Art

The smell of paint fumes (although water based is a lot easier to handle than oil based) is quite strong throughout our house, one wall is completed with 2 coats all dry, fifty billion more walls and coats to go! Ha! Cream walls were everywhere in our house- except for the downstairs bathroom and laundry which is my favourite colour Duck Egg Blue.

But now! We have shades of grey happening!! Dulux Tranquil Retreat Grey and Signature Grey and my beloved Vivid White. I am so in love with it and happy that we have made the change. I don't feel like its dark and dreary anymore, but rather calm and fresh (and clean!!) walls. 

I have had 3 blank canvases floating around our garage for so, so long. I have held onto them knowing that one day I would think of something-- Anything! to do with them. Our new feature wall was crying out for a little abstract art. 

Easy Canvas Art

Start with blank canvases, I had 3. 

Grab some painters blue tape.  This one is Scotch Blue with Edge Lock by 3M. 
Do some lines where ever you like.

Dandelion Yellow and tape

Roller brush on your paint colour of choice, take the tape off as its drying. Be careful not to smudge the paint. (Can you see where I didn't push the tape down properly? oh well, it's Character)

Turns out something like this!

Up on our wonderful wall!! 
It is actually hung straight- my photography skill, however, need improving! 

Super easy and very effective!! 

I'll post the whole room soon! Promise!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick Note

I've been doing a little house keeping around Antique Bloggy... Don't fret! I'm still the same, just readjusting the design a little to match my obsessive love of Duck Egg Blue and Turquoise.

Hope you're having a great day!! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dance Dance Dance

I have discovered some very funny thing about young kids. They are fascinated by shiny things and even more fascinated by moving shiny things. Ha! The kids and I found a torch while we were moving the Garagio around the other day. So we had a game of Catch the light. I thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

2 kids chasing a spotlight around the lounge giggling and tripping over each other??!! Hilarious- love it. 

What-cha doin mum? 
Dancing in the Spotlight

Twirls and Dancing

Chasing the spotlight, jumping into the light.

Getting these two in the same photo is a mission!!

Milla Moos

The frown

Using it as a microphone, as usual. 

If you have kids- invest in a torch! Or make the one you have accessible ... so far we have read books under a tent (bed sheets) chased the light around the house, danced in the spotlight and made shadow puppets. 

So much fun!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crafty Day Out

It's school holidays at the moment, which doesn't really effect us yet, except that the shopping centres are way more busier than normal. But it does mean that school holiday free activities are on! Yay for free activities and crafts!! 

So while one of my Besties and I stood watch and chatted our girls did crafts at Bunnings. Today's theme was Winter. Snowflakes with glitter, paint and googly-eyes, warm fires and igloos.  I just love seeing the munchkins in their mini aprons concentrating so hard on putting glitter sparkles on every inch of their creation. Milla is very proud of her designs and it always requires presentation once Daddy gets home from work to admire it. 

Jiana and Milla decorating the snowflakes

Phoenix did craft! This is the first time he wanted to join in! 

Love that both my babies are creative! Express it baby yeah!! 

This particular snowflake has one giant googly-eye plopped right in the centre. 


*Not promoting store, just a convenient way for my kids to love hardware shops! Ha! Although Mr Bunnings a sponsorship would be awesome!! I'd get a lot more done! Oh well. 


Monday, April 16, 2012

City Adventures

Out and about Sydney on our mini retreat I had a few hours to myself. So I wandered around to all my favourite stores and locations, had Starbucks and Pad Thai. It was ultra refreshing to have some space, quiet and "me" time.  For a few hours I actually forgot about all the mummy things I needed to think about and just enjoyed taking photos of everything that I thought was beautiful.

So here are a couple more photos of my day...  

Hello! Tiffany & Co. They wouldn't let me take a photo of the ring that I fell head over heals in love with but, oh was it gorgeous!! and only $28,000 *Gasp!!*

I thought these ladies were hilarious! Where would you proudly display that in your house??

St Mary's Cathedral. Stunning and as always on a Saturday morning the bells were ringing, a wedding was happening.

The Rocks Markets. Follow this little walkway through the markets till you're under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

See, the bottom of the Harbour Bridge. Pretty cool. 
Oh and I love- LOVE the lamp posts!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

City Retreat

For the first time since having our second baby, David and I had a mini us-only retreat! We left our babies (gulp!) with the very capable and much loved Auntie Courtney ("Auntie Hourtney" says Milla)  and headed to the city centre for a couple of nights.

I live in a very beautiful city and I took lots of photos! 

I live here, stunning. 
This was what we were doing while we waited for our reservation at Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant!! (OH MY!!! Spoilt!)  

Yup, I love my city. This was earlier in the day after we walked though the botanical gardens and along past Lady Macquarie's Chair. Moments later we peered over the side to see two scuba divers surfacing. Not sure what they were looking for, so I'm going to assume it was for buried treasure (National Treasure style) 

See... Me. Ta-Dah!!! Not sure why it wants to be smaller.

More Photos of our adventures to come! It will be live a virtual tour of Sydney. (Hopefully it will make some of my overseas friends home sick and you'll all come back! Heather, Lauren, Beka...girls! I miss you all!!!) 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Project: Instant Well Loved Candles

It has been a big week, we completely rearranged the garage, yes remember that mess of a photo I ashamedly showed you? Well it looks half decent now... as decent as a garage can look still storing a bunch of stuff and providing a workable area to create music in. 

In amongst the chaos of the "clean up and out" I remembered I had these two cute home brew beer bottles stashed away in my craft box for some day when I had the time and desire to do something with them. A gush of creativity on a dinner break meant that those two bottles were about to get used!

Beer Bottle Candle Deco

On a regular day I would have probably gone out and got some long candles and fitted them and left them on the table with a romantic dinner for my handsome husband and I once the kids were asleep. Let the wax drip down melodically and gracefully layering itself and cooling in that beautiful pattern that we all love so much. 

But, alas, time is at the minimal, and you guessed it- I cant wait that long to get the effect I want! especially with two very young kids (Milla in particular) who would think it was their birthday and feel the need to blow out the candles and hooray themselves three times every time I tried to light them.

Renamed: Instant well used Beer Bottle Candle Deco's

Tea candles, matches and a small knife. 
Cut a tea light candle smaller to fit the top of the bottle

Take a different tea light candle and drip the wax lovingly down the sides. I think I used 3 other tea light candles to do the dripping.

Two Beer bottles sittin' on the wall....

Almost look like melted ice creams, yummy. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grand Project: Garagio

Wow! I have just realised that you can be standing in a room and not realise just how cluttered it is until you step back and take a photo. We have just embarked on a mammoth task of renovating our double garage into 3 separate spaces. Studio (more commonly known as The Garagio), Laundry/storage/my inside workshop and Studio storage/vocal booth (or something like that- I am obviously not the muso in the family! Ha!)

Currently it is being used as a make-shift studio and crap gathering junk holder storage space. But woah! I just took a before photo and got the shock of a life time. It really is jam packed full of stuff! I wonder if this is what people see when they walk in? Rather than the familiar space that I'm used to seeing. Oh well...

The good news about all the chaos is that we have started. We have started!! Yay!! Finalising designs and ideas and putting decisions in stone about how it will look. The actual start that we have made is not huge but it is getting the ball moving along and that seems to have been all it's needed to get this party started. 

We removed the first garage door mechanism and disabled the doors movement by boarding it up. Yeah! There was two reasons we did this: 1. I hated the look of the garage door mechanisms and 2. Seemed logical. OK maybe three: 3. I didn't want David (or anyone else in there) to knock their head on the silly metal that poked out... Sheesh! four reasons: 4. To make some more temporary space in the existing studio. Wow I really should think these numbers through before deciding how many reasons I have. 

On the left is the door open close mechanism. Big, bulky and really dangerous to noggins.
On the right its been removed and stabilised with pine. We will seal any gaps and weather proof it real well.

Cause I can! My love!!!

OK... take a deep breath. This is the chaos state that it is in after doing the first set of doors. Granted it's usually a lot more functional than this, but... Yuck! Here is the (almost) Before!! 
The other door can remain functional so that we can bring any building materials through it.

It's a huge project, and it's going to take a while to build, but, I am beyond excited that it has started... no matter how small- it has begun!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Hope you're having an EGGcellent Easter! (Oh yes pun intended!) and I think you're Eggceptional!

Our family has had a great Easter. We had a surprise visit from Grandma who makes the best cupcakes in the world, and has the grace to have Milla help make these delicious delights. 

Easter Saturday was of course spent at the hardware shop. The shop, my favourite one, had a jumping castle, face painting and crafts... no wonder my kids love it! Milla asks me nearly every day "What day is it Mummy?" and I reply with what day it is and she asks "Is it a Bunnings day??!!" - love it! 

Picked up a few meters of pine to seal our garage doors- which is another interesting adventure story all together. Remind me to tell you how the hook got in the ceiling one day! 

The Easter bunny didn't leave any eggs for the kids this year, instead they got presents; a DVD and a new baby book. We decided to go to the after Easter egg sales instead, then we can get twice the amount of chocolate! As for real egg decorating, alas, we couldn't do that either, Phoenix is very allergic to them.

Instead we bounced on the trampoline and blew bubbles in the back yard and Milla "I'm very busy with Crafts" made an Easter Hat with her bestie. 

In honour of all things Easter here is the best Church notice board I've ever seen!  

Nek Minnit!
Enjoy your Easter weekend xx

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TV update.

3 hours later.... I FIXED IT!!!

Hello TV!!!  ABC Kids, Biggest loser, Better Homes and Gardens... OK so really I didn't "fix" it as such, but more tweaked it. Either way, it works and I'm happy about it! Turned it off for 2 hours then fitted the new cable and it didn't work, so I fitted it to the other wall aerial looking port, auto tuned it and Ta-Da!! Yay! 

Ha! Just thought you would enjoy an update.