Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An extra day... just for you!

Ooh!! It's the... 
29th of February! 

Happy very special birthday to anyone celebrating on this very exclusive day, very cool! 

 Do something extra special on this unique day.

Allergy Testing Complete

After spending 3 hours awake at 2:30am this morning with a crying Phoenix- Coffee STAT! Phoenix and I bundled up our references, pram and off we went to the hospital clinic. Today was the day for Phoenix's final big test, allergy testing. 

8 lines down both his shins, and 3 different prick tests per line... he was not impressed to say the least.

Zebra legs are all the rage...

The good news is that after the allotment of time the only welts he got were from eggs (very much expected) and cashews (random!). He was even tested for milk protein allergy and wheat allergy and both came up negative. Now I'm not going to go over board with dosing him up with milk and bread, as he probably still has an intolerance. But I will be slowly reintroducing gluten back into his diet after chatting with his doctor for the go-ahead. Hopefully since he has had about 6 months break from it he will have a better tolerance for it. I have already started with small amounts of dairy with good success.

These two hives are from Egg whites and egg yolks, this was about two minutes after the pricks were done.

I am very grateful for positive test results! Now if only my eyes could stay open long enough to complete the rest of the day well! Ha! Got any quick dinner ideas anyone?  

Monday, February 27, 2012

How To Destroy A Chase ...Modifying your couch cushions

Want to know how to destroy a chase? You know, one of those foot rest extensions that seem to be on most couches these days. I have a 2 seater couch and a 3 seater couch in my lounge room, except it was never used as a two and a three, because there was a big ol' chase on one of the seats and it was all or nothing: Have the chase there or deal with a gap with no seat cushion- boo hoo to that. 

So for probably a year I had to explain to every visitor that the reason there was nothing there was because it's the gap for the chase, I didn't like the chase, it's in the garage, it was too big for the room, no I don't care, just sit on the flat pillow I put there!! ha!

How to Destroy a Chase (and rebuild as a single seat!)

I tend to forget to take a before picture before I get too excited to start, so I laid the chase cover back on top of it and took this dodgy photo so you have some idea what I am ranting talking about. 

Ok this is where I was up to when I remembered the "before" photo! woops! 
I stripped off the outer covers of the case and the single cushion next to it so I had a size reference and laid it on the floor.
Used my trusty sharpie and drew a line where I was going to cut along.

The rough edge left after I cut through the five sandwich layers with a Stanley Knife, once I fold the soft outer white padding over it will look all lovely and smooth again.

Yay!! A three seater couch! no more gap!

For a little while this cushion will sit backwards as I have just temporarily put the new and improved cushion back into the chase slip cover and folded the excess under the back. I will eventually (probably to a professional tailor) trim the chase slip cover to the proper size and sew it up. Get the kids to "sit" yeah right on it for a few days and it will melt straight in and be unrecognisable as a former chase. 

Originally I was going to get new foam from the foam shop cut and make a new fabric slip cover, but trying to find the right brown colour fabric with the same worn look or finding a completely different one that works with the rest of the couch was too difficult for me to choose. Why not make over what I've got??!!

The chase base we still have in the garage and half the foam. I thought I could get creative with that and easily choose a different fabric for a funky cover, now that it's not a necessity but rather an addition we can bring out on movie nights or when we are in need of an extra butt space seat or a foot rest.

Got some furniture you're not completely satisfied with? Destroy it... With purpose. Ha! 


Remember my last post about the dandelion yellow?? I showed my wonderful Hubby the photo of it looking like a sun.... 

"Did you paint the carpet??" was his first split second reaction. 
Ha! No, just to clarify, it's Photoshop lovelies.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunshine Yellow and Tiffany's Blue

When its been a long day there is something quite refreshing about opening a pot of yellow paint... but not just any yellow, Dandelion Yellow. The brightest happiest yellow your eyes did meet. It's almost as if the suns rays come out as the lid comes off. Cheery and bright.  Just what an overcast, gastro bug filled day needs. 

Doesn't this just make you happy?

Kind of like this... hehe hello sunshine!

The only thing that could accompany such a wonderful colour is...

Tiffany's blue! 

(aka Magnetic Magic) My new sample tubs just make me happy! Had to share.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Long Lists and Gastro Bugs

Now that I have stopped for the day (well, stopped for this second, I still have folding to do) I can feel every muscle and joint and bone in my tired body.  Who need Pilate's when you are go-go-go all day long??!! I even got to kill squashed to a mooshy paste 3 red-back spiders along the way. Exciting.  

Pencil at hand! ready to go... This is where I have always put my pencil and yet 
I still look around for a minute before remembering where I put it. 

My list of things accomplished today:

- All bed linen washed, line dried and put back.
- Preschool Alphabet homework sheets
- All towels washed,  line dried and put back.
- Change the neighbour kid who has come over to play costume fifty billion times
- All clothes washed, line dried and... folding can wait.
- Sing some tunes with my little muso boy
- lunch all round
- Kitchen cleaned
- Sawed, sanded, drilled some more owls
- Upstairs vacuumed 
- Change a nappy or two
- One bathroom cleaned
- Jumped in some puddles and hosed down the kids feet
- 5 hedges trimmed right down and then I even pulled the 5 stumps out! (Wooohoo! Hear the crowd roar as I hold the final stump in the air with victory! I got that sucker out! Yes!!-- looks around for some applause-- none. oh well) 
- Clean up huge big mess I made, straighten up the garden and spread out some lawn feeder

... got to about here in this eventful day, covered head to toe in sweat (ew!) and dirt and mud and a tag along spider-EEK!! Hit that off. Walked back inside to make sure Milla was watching a movie and resting still (cause she felt yuckier as the day went on) and... Hello vomit. Milla now has a gastro bug. OK!! Switch into awesome carpet-cleaning-spew-catching-dinner-cooking-baby-showering-reading-books-into-bed, still covered in dirt super-mum mode... few!

Phoenix thought it was a hide your head in a bucket kind of day... hehe 

But oh... I have fresh clean sheets on my bed!! How great is fresh clean sheets!
Cannot wait to crawl into bed and rest.  


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I have a shop

I feel like a giggly school girl when I tell you this... I am that excited! I just opened my own Etsy shop. Oh yes! Newly Antique is in crafters handmade heaven! Etsy, for those who don't know, is where you can buy (and sell) handmade or vintage items, art and supplies online... "The world's most vibrant handmade marketplace". Be warned it is addictive, you will find lots of things to love on Etsy. 

Have a mosey on over to Etsy, check out my currently empty shelves. (Click on my frame and it will take you over to my shopity-shop-shop.) Added to the list of things to-do is to stock my shelves with lovely handmade goodies. I'm sorry I just couldn't wait, I had to tell someone!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Right Email

I have been having complete brain fart freeze moment lately and putting the wrong email address in! So sorry if you have tried to email me I kept putting a "." in where it was not needed (silly auto-typing fingers!)  Lets try this again!

If you want to email me it's:

Wonderful!! xx 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Owl iPower Holder (Charger organizer)

This little project was born out of necessity. Every night I have to go searching behind my bedside table to get the charger cord to my phone and sometimes the laptop charger (usually tangled around the baby monitor cord because Phoenix is determined to steal the baby monitor daily and walk around with it like a walkie-talkie. So in my frustration I figured, hey! lets make life a little easier!

Meet my first... 

Owl iPower Holder

Note where my cords are... everywhere, yuck! This is not set up at all, this is how I (or rather Phoenix) left it, but I must say- I'm really glad I made my bed this morning!! Ha!!

After: Hoot Hoot!  See the little iPower feet??!!
(and I gave Milla her clip and brush back)

Little Owl is asleep on a branch. Two holes/feet for an iPhone charger and MAC charger (or really any charger you specifically have! We are just an Apple loving hooked household).

If you're interested in a cute Owl iPower Holder email me xx
Or keep an eye out for my soon to be Etsy shop. (Australian shipping only at the moment)


Please credit Newly Antique if you PIN or re-Blog/FB/Twitter/etc... Thanks xx

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project: Pallet Wood Box

I saw a kitchen makeover on TV and they were renovating a tiny little yucky kitchen into an organised dream kitchen. Nice! One little cute detail I spotted was a little basket on top of the fridge, I thought that would be a great idea. I put all my take-away brochures on the top of my fridge and they definitely need some kind of containment. 

Obviously when I get a little idea in my head I immediately pounce into action, doesn't matter that its 10:30 at night and I should be headed to bed, no- no, must conquer idea! So on a spur and a whim I decided that I could make a box from my pallet wood... What follows is my first of many attempt at

Pallet Wood Box!

Left over MDF from other projects. Then mouse Jigsaw them to same size for the base.

Cut two planks of pallet wood into two equal long lenghths and two shorter ones. I measured them up against the MDF to get the right size before I cut them. 
Screw the sides together, with a little bit of wood glue in the joins (I used 8 screws)

Flip it upside down and screw the MDF onto the frame. 
This is where I went to bed.... Next day:

In the daylight, here's my very basic, rustic, shabby, antique, well loved, totally handmade by no expert, one of a kind, Pallet Wood Box.

White Primer

Yellow top coat

Scratched it back to give it that well worn look, and then adorned it with "Unit 15" ...done with my wonderful stencil (click here to see how I do stencils) 
I adore the chippy-ness of this corner!! I purposely used this end of the original length because it had such lovely worn character.

Isn't she cute!! 

The funniest thing about this cute little box is that I can't use it for the original purpose!! It's about 1cm to tall to fit above my fridge- oops! didn't think about that. Oh well, will have to make another one! (1cm shorter obviously) So I found it a new home on my kitchen bench for now holding the Nespresso's, Caramel syrup (for my yummy Caramel Lattes) and everyones Multi-Vitamins. 

Unit 15... Has absolutely no relevance to my life what-so ever, just so you know hehe! I just liked the look of it.

If you're interested in getting your hands on one of these cuties email me and I can let you know. 
These are totally manually made, with love and care. Original and have lots of Character. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A little Heart

Phoenix had his Cardiologist appointment today to check out a heart murmur that the doctor could hear and all we got was good news! Yay!! 

First of all the specialist assured us that heart murmurs are just the regular sounds that our hearts make, and that as you grow up sometimes you can have one and then a few months later not have it, and then again later have it again etc. Some heart murmurs turn out to be serious situations that need attention and others are just normal sounds the heart makes.

I had Phoenix on my lap to make sure he would sit still and for such a wiggler he sat so still for the specialist- I was very proud of him. He had his ultrasound. Looking at the monitor it reminded me of when I was 20 weeks pregnant with him having all his measurements done, his little heart beating on the screen was so cool! 

And the Specialist said "Everything looks normal" -- relief. 

So one big test done and passed, next is allergy testing and then hopefully reintroducing gluten and dairy. Wonderful! 

So happy this chappy is well

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Happy Valentines Day!!
Hope you have great Valentines day. 
Hope you have a chance to bless those people around you who you love... 
and I also hope you feel loved and valued.


Hugs from me!! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monogram M for Milla

After week and weeks of changing my mind constantly about Millas room, I have finally decided on another detail to add to her ever changing and developing room. On the blank wall above her bed which really is probably considered the "feature" wall is going to be:

A beautiful, elegant and totally antique worthy monogram. I am very much in love with monograms and throw in a little bit of rustic floral pattern and I am sold. This particular one is from It's a free printable, choose your own number or letter and a date and Ta-Dah instant cute vintage monogram. Love it!  I'll be a changing it up a little, but essentially this is what it will look like. 

This is a project for a little later on in the week, on a Preschool day and during nap time. Hopefully the rain will let up and give me a nice day to paint on... Can't wait!  

Friday, February 10, 2012

Project: Dining Chairs Part One

I got some free chairs, 4 high back standard metal dining chairs in pretty worn condition. They were out for council pick up- unloved and unwanted... Till now! I was in desperate need of some chairs for our table, as we only had bench seating. Bench seating is cute and all, but, when a three year old and a 27 year old sit down you need it out at different lengths, up close for little legs and out further for long legs- add another person on the bench as well and total mayhem! Someone has to sit uncomfortable. 

This is not by any means the last solution to this problem, but it's the first and I am happy to have at least some form of chairs. For the first time ever we each had a chair to ourselves tonight. Brilliant! 

One of the chairs had a great big tear across the front of it leaving the foam exposed and chipping, very uncomfortable to sit on. So this seat, my "trial chair" is Phoenix's because, well, most of the time he is in a highchair anyways rather than a real seat just yet.  

This is what they look like, minus cobwebs, chippy-ness everywhere, scratched fabric, holey foam. Not the prettiest thing- but functional. This is actually a good one, not the "trial seat"... I in my usual fashion didn't take a before photo of the trial seat because I was too impatient and really-really wanted to start. 

This is the trial seat... Spray Painted the metal silver chippy parts white.
The black polka dot cover is my first throw together cover so we could use it without scratching off our legs. As you can tell, I was in such an excited-to-spray-something mood that I didn't even bother taking the seat off to spray the metal. Therefore the polka dots have a white haze over them. But I don't care. This is trial seat after all...

Ta-Dah! Here she is, same seat as above, recovered seat. Vintage little keys in frames print. Not necessarily the final fabric choice but definitely thinking its cute for now.


This is the spray I was trialling today, Fridge and Appliance by White Knight. Because, The metal on the chairs was extremely, um, fridge-like? I figured it would stick better. So far so good! I did tell you I'm no expert and learning as I'm going right? Well you know now! HA!

Fail I will learn from... don't let the wind blow your drop sheet into your freshly sprayed paint... Here is the results. This is just the first coat, so I'll sand it down and do over. Not a big deal. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm Hoooked ...Zpagetti.

My husband finds the best gifts!!  While he was away for work he sneaky, sneaky found everyone in the family a little gift. Milla got an Angelina Ballerina colouring in set, Phoenix got a fluffy penguin, and I got...


"As we use the latest fashion material offcuts, Zpagetti is available in many fashionable colours and trendy designs. Due to the large collection of Zpagetti, there is always something for everyone. Zpagetti expresses our belief that re-using and recycling materials could contribute to a more sustainable society." - Hoooked Zpagetti

OK! How cool is it?! Reuse, Recycle, love it! 

Now I just need to refresh my crocheting skills and see what I can make. There are lots of photos online of Zpagetti handbags, but that's not my kind of thing so I am thinking that a floor mat, foot poof (hehe) or blanket will be where Im headed.

A square? A square I can do!
How cute is this mat!! This probably will not be the initial second, third, forth, or tenth, project... I'm not that skilled!

Fun! I'll post more photos once I do something with it. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Love Little Helpful Hands

I love a good productive day and today was a very, very productive day! Cleaned the house, did all the laundry, mowed the lawn, got a little too excited with a saw and chopped down some branches from our trees, trimmed the grass edges. In between and intertwined throughout all of today's productivity was a little Miss, her art creations and her helping hands.

I have a theory... it's only 3 years old so all those with older kids can let me know if it works... it goes: 

"Let the little eager hands help now, so when they are less than eager later, they will be already accustomed to helping"

In other words, my 3 year old wants to help with everything! If I continually say "No" and "You're too young/little", "I'll do it", they will eventually give up and stop offering because well... mummy will do it. Then once they are older and capable of doing everything (and I want them to do stuff!) they will undoubtedly revert back to that ingrained thought that I taught them when they were three, "No, you can't do it, I'll do it for you" 

Hopefully the reverse will be the same, although she cannot use scissors well, with my guidance, she can help cut the long grass around the mailbox. Although its slower, she can hold the bag and pick up the grass clippings, help mummy to spread the smelly fertiliser, carry the "big, heavy" bundled twigs to the pile. "Yes, you can help". Practice makes perfect, even at three. Gotta start somewhere. Everything that I did today, she helped with (except pushing the mower)

While I mowed, this helpful Princess did crafty art. I cannot recommend this more highly. A Foam Activity Tub (from Kmart) 2 Ink pads, alphabet foam stickers, farm animal foam stickers, stars foam stickers, 4 stamp cubes, 3 glitter glue pens. Practically mess free art activities! WIN!! ...Some days I prefer to not get paint everywhere, especially cleaning days. This would be a great activity to have for a grey rainy day.

Outside enjoying the break from the rain.

Getting crafty. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project: Monicas Peep-Hole Picture Frame

Is it just me or does everyone love the TV show Friends? I love the quirky characters I think they remind me of my own friends. Monica and Phoebe... I love ya'sI'll claim to be Rachel, she's hot hehe! Since I own and watch the DVDs too much, I now check out the background stage decorations. They have some really great/fun ideas, in particular- behind the doors. Yup, Joeys apartment has a Etch-a-Sketch/Doodle board which changes picture constantly and Monica has a cute yellow frame around the peep hole on her purple door. 

A Friends inspired Door Deco! 

I picked up a couple of wooden cute picture frames from my lovely Mother-in-law while we were on holidays and this is one of them...

It was a cute little wooden thing.....

Until I white primed it...

And then teal top coated it till it was super cute!

Double sided sticky tape on the back of a big button...

Tip: If you have lots of buttons and are a new mum, save those baby food jars and combine the two!- Super cute storage! 

Hang it up... 

Test it out... anyone out there Milla?

I don't have a purple door... or a yellow frame... or a peep hole! Ha! But this is my version of a 
"Friends Peep-Hole picture frame"

Fun! I love it!