Monday, January 30, 2012

One Mummy Tip

It was so muggy today there was nothing more that we could do but be in the sprinkler.  Now usually I put the sprinkler on the grass and the kids just go nuts running through it. But seeings as it's been raining every second day for a while now the grass is fairly water logged and muddy.  I am also trying to be creative with their home learning... New texture time! (while trying to stay a little cleaner)

I put the sprinkler on a tarp (tarpaulin)... my painting drop sheet tarpaulin to be exact. Covered in paint splatters and red Christmas wrapping paper paint, which made the water red for a little while-fun!  The kids loved the water puddles that collected on the tarp. I ended up putting the play house slides under the end of the tarp so the water pooled up a little more for jumping in. 

Mid air!

Instagram of course... (husbands hands! not mine!)  

This handsome little fella brings me all sorts of treasures. One day, he'll bring his mummy some real flowers... melt my heart!! 


My (two cents) Mummy Tip: Try to play outside everyday. 

It makes such a difference to my kids and It can completely change the mood of the house. Fresh air, space, greenery, different textures and smells...Wonderful! If you have a boy-as I have found- it's even more important! Their inquisitive make-up just screams "Take me outside!" Open the backdoor and let their imagination run wild

This year I have started "Family walk time" ... right now after dinner works easiest but as winter begins to roll round and the days get darker quicker I'm sure this will change to an earlier time. It's just around the block, but Mummy really enjoys the head space and it wears out that last bit of energy that is stored up for the very last moment before bed when mummy is exhausted and they should be asleep ha! It also gives me a safe opportunity to teach the kids road safety, how to cross the roads properly and watch out for cars, how to stop, how to hold hands (yes, my son actually needs to learn this). 

Always play outside xx

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Painting Pink and How To Make A Drop Sheet

I tricked the weather!.. Well, kind of. I said I was going to do the second coat of Milla's Pink on Friday and as per normal highly-anticipated-excited-to-paint-days it poured and poured rain which is ever so- not helpful towards paint fumes and paint drying times. So I didn't paint- boohoo! Along comes Saturday and with it blue skies and no rain. GREAT! impromptu Painting!

I grabbed all my supplies and couldn't find a drop sheet anywhere, seems I have thrown them all out or stored them in that "safe spot" I love so much. So here is my two cents helpful hint if you also don't have a drop sheet handy when you are doing impromptu painting. 
How To make a Drop Sheet.

Grab a roll of black garbage bags 
(Wheelie bin bags) I always have a roll in the cupboard for big clean outs.

Place the roll at one wall and unroll it to the other, tear off the end at the closest bag perforated line. (don't tear off every individual bag! just the last one) 
Unfold the sides to lay it flat. Ta-Dah!!!


Hire a cutie-pie, lovely butt, sexy hunk of a yummy (ok keep it G rated) handsome man to help out. Good for the eyes, plus makes the job all that more fun if you plant two pink hand prints on his b-hind. XX Love him! And he made painting so much quicker. We had to get this painted and a bit dry before little fingers woke from his nap.

Stop the mess!

Have a big old Tupperware container handy to hold the paint tin.

After you pour paint from the tin a few times the dribbles down the side reach your drop sheet and starts leaving paint rings where ever you put it down. Paint on the drop sheet gets stepped on and then spread all over and then walked onto the carpet or worse down the hall and throughout the house! eek! 

To stop the spread of paint drops just that little bit more. Put your Tin into an old container. Then whenever you have to move the container you know its clean on the bottom. I could then pick up the container put it on Milla's bed and move my drop sheets knowing I wasn't spreading any paint (see in my picture the paint drops in the container from the several different times I poured into my roller tray, also handy spot for the screwdriver) 

**Just don't put the container down into a wet spot! Ha! always a clean spot/same spot

Thursday, January 26, 2012

But Where's My Bubble Pink?

I always seems to rain on the days that I have big plans to paint, and not just itty-bitty little rain and then clears up- but the biggest-hugest rainiest day in the month since some old year past. "Most rainfall in January since 1890" style... So it was a grey rainy day? Oh well! I was still on a mission! It was the day, it was the moment! Milla's room here I come!

I moved all her little furniture out of the room and her bed into the middle because it's too big to fit out the door. Put down some drop cloths and grabbed all the tools I thought I'd need; roller, brushes, screw driver, rags.... I really needed some upbeat awesome theme music- or at least Pride and Prejudice up loud for Mr Darcy to keep me company! The only music on my phone is Mariah Carey's Christmas album- although it's loud and pumping it seems like the wrong time of the year to be singing Jingle bells. (Everything else got deleted last update, I never remember to reload them while I'm home!) 

 Her door and a wall... Anything that is currently cream will end up being Vivid White

Half Satin Pink! - Yes! I managed to do one coat before Phoenix woke up. I've left it to dry for 24 hours since it was so so so rainy yesterday when I painted it. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more conducive day to do the top coat. 
This is probably the most accurate colour capture of the Pink tone
Depending on the light in the room, it sometimes shines a purple based pink
The floor trims will be Vivid White too eventually.

Milla was at Preschool when I painted her room. I managed to get all her furniture set up exactly how she left it in the morning for when she got home! Fun! SURPRISE!!!! And in true 3 year old fashion she was very excited that it was pink... and then she asked where her bubble pink was! HA! Like an elephant who never forgets! 

So I've ditched my original idea of butterflies and am going to put this one up- but in the appropriate colours obviously. I already have five of them so thats a start.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pink Makes Everything Better

I am so excited about this! I got some cute new pink tools! And from a $2 shop, bargain. I keep putting my tools down and loosing them or forgetting where I put it down, you know that wonderful "safe spot" that's quite similar to the Bermuda Triangle? Yeah, well one day I'll find that safe spot and there will be all the keys and tools and important things of the world! 

Another great thing about my new tools... they are Pink! That means my hubby won't go near them haha!! He has his boring black ones, and I have mine- super cute and awesome. They had a tag for a pink tape measure, but none left, boo hoo! I'll have to go back some other day and see if they have restocked. Now If I could just find a super cute tool box that would be fun, and probably assist in the whole "safe spot" issue... Or make one? ooh! challenge accepted! 

I've busted them out already to take down a set of blinds so we can paint the window frame soon. 


On a side note... I really really need to find the charger for my camera. The photos I've been posting lately are just off my phone and I can't stand it!  Although it's okay quality, the amount of times there is peanut butter smudgy toddler finger prints over the lens is just way to often.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Little Red Book

For some reason I find it extremely difficult to keep a diary... could be that I had one when I was much younger and my big annoying turd of a bossy brother, whom I love and adore (now) found it one day and wrote notes commenting throughout it? scarred for life! Anyways I can't, its too much pressure to keep up with it and then I feel bad cause every new "diary" I get -- Love new stationary!- - has written...

Dear Diary, 
It's January 1st! 
This year is going to be great. I can't wait to do lots of amazing things this year. I am going to get fit and look after myself. I am going to read more (The lies I tell myself gosh!) And this year I wont spend as much time on Pinterest. I love this new journal of mine, worth every penny. I am going to try and journal everyday to jot some thoughts down and clear my head
             Love Kellie

Lies! lies! lies! I totally won't journal every day! What was I thinking? I only get three entries in and I've forgotten and then feel bad that I haven't for so long that I don't bother till the next year. I should write... "I like the idea of, but probably wont, journal every day".... Ha! So Christmas just past I got a gift... a daunting gift... a Journal! with 365 written on the front! Ahhhhh! The pressure! 365?! It was from my most favourite stationary shop too Kikki K, so I ever-so-desperately wanted to use it. 

Well, I thought about it for a week or so and decided, yup it just wont work as a journal. What could I do for 365 days? Gratitude journal? Daily somethings? No. But wait!!  365 Ideas, Creativity and Brainstorming! Perfect! It didn't say 365 Days on the journal, just 365. Wonderful!

House colours, Milla's room ideas, trials, sketches...

  I am very pleased to announce I am up to page 7!!!! That's a Personal record! And not a "Dear Diary" in sight... Sum mite say I be grow'n up a tad hey? tots! (egh! Even I can't stand that writing!!!) 

Love Kellie

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Busy Saturday

Do you ever make deals with yourself? I do. All the time

"If you do these dishes you can paint that..."
"If you clean the house you can go to Bunnings...."

OK most of my deals have to do with cleaning and then as a reward I get to do something crafty. I don't hate cleaning, I just am a lazy perfectionist! hehe! I love order and clean clear spaces... I just get sick of doing it all the time. My one year old is a hurricane- He leaves a trail of destruction everywhere! 

Doesn't this just look yummy!! (Ha! My tray is upside-down)

I accomplished a lot this Saturday... baked some bread (yes, I have to bake Gluten-free bread for little Mr Hurricane), took some photos of Milla's newly re-arranged room.  Built three over the door shelves for the little rooms. 

 Nice and tidy, getting ready to be painted!! eek! excited!

 Milla's over the door shelf (I haven't painted any of them yet, in case your wondering why I chose natural wood)

Phoenixes over the door shelf- with a cute little chandelier reflected lens flare. His is the only room with (what looks black is actually) speckled silver brackets, a little more, um, manly! ha!


Went through all the kids, mine and hubby's clothes while they are not looking to cull all the "stuff"... old stuff, hole-y stuff, donate stuff, give away stuff, "that would look super cute on so-'n-so..." stuff. The stuff that builds up over time and just takes up precious space. It's almost like a spring clean out- except we are in Summer.

This is a pile I'm giving to my friend who is about to have twins! Girl/Boy twins. Girl clothes sized 00000 to 3's. All Milla's that she no longer fits into. I had so much fun reminiscing through her tiny clothes. I kept all the precious clothes that I love and am passing on the rest.  

 This is for my other pregnant friend who is having a boy! (don't fret!! my twin-y pregnant friend already has a full boys wardrobe) I did the same as Milla's clothes: Kept my favourites and passed on the rest.

Looking at all these little clothes made me clucky (now, now, Grandmas don't get excited). Made me so clucky for my besties to have more babies! No pressure gals but, hurry up!! I need more newborn cuddles! xx

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shades of Pink

Well it's taken a long time but I have finally decided on a pink shade for Milla's room! I know right!?! It's been a while and I keep changing my mind... don't judge me! Have you seen how many shades there are?? So I slimmed down the choices by just picking from the Dulux range. I grabbed every paint sample in the pink range and I mean every one of them (there is 3 per card too!) to try and find the pink that I thought would suit the best.

Soft Satin Half for the wall colour. I didn't want a dark pink for the walls because I don't want her room to feel small, or to be smacked in the face with colour intensity every time we go in there.  Soft Satin and white for butterflies flying across her wall and white trims.  Very girly and she will out grow it eventually- but! For now Milla will love it! And when she's outdone it, we will repaint! Not a big deal.

Now onto cleaning her walls, re-arranging furniture, fixing cracks and holes, installing a shelf, taping the edges. Wow I'm tired thinking about that! Painting will happen while she is out at Preschool. 

Think I can make this?

Milla wants bubble pink... Im not sure if this is a shade of pink or if it is a decorative idea she has. So to solve this problem. I think something decorative in a bubble sort of way would be good. Bubble mix and a bubble gun. Bubble snow globes, bubble blanket. Hmm will keep thinking on this... even balloons would probably be good, helium balloons in a bubbly sort of fashion. 

How about spots! spots count as bubbles right??  {Source} This is adorable! 

Bubble blanket? {Source}

Oh well, I'll keep searching the inter-webs till I find what I'm looking for. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project: Door Shelf pt 1

I saw this little nifty idea in an Ikea catalogue of a bookshelf over the top of a door. I logged it away in my mind thinking it would be a great idea to use someday. Well, today was that day! Today was the day to start. I was gonna master the DOOR SHELF! 

I have really got to get better at taking "Before" photos! I just get too excited to start drilling everything that I forget! Anyways, This is our bedroom door. It's closed and I am sitting on the end of the bed looking at the door. I have a temporary 3M hook on the back of the door (not centred because I intend on having two there eventually) for my Hubby to hang his jeans, instead of the floor! The metal next to the door knob is the chair I have been standing on.
Please excuse the quality of these photos, they are poor lighting and smudgy kids fingerprints all over iPhone photos

A little closer... Currently unpainted, will eventually be vivid white along with the door frame I think. 

DVD's and a few book for the moment, this will change as I sort out the room.

Totally needs a paint. yuck. 

The door still opens, not hindered at all by the shelf! Yay!!!

5 hours later and it is still up and holding strong... not sure why I would expect any otherwise but there is a small part of me that thinks it's funny that I can build stuff. 

Thinking that the other 3 bedrooms will also gain these very handy little shelves to hold some little precious things. If you need some extra storage/shelving. Check out little spaces like this that are often just wasted empty spots. 

I'll post a Project: Door Shelf Complete once I get round to painting this cutie-pie ;-) 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Anyone for a game for Tic Tac Toe?

Ever baked rocks? I did! 

Drew with porcelain pen on six dark smooth-ish rocks and six white rocks some naughts and crosses. Bake in the oven to set and wah-la dishwasher-worthy Tic-Tac-Toe game pieces!
(Ew! my ovens so needs a clean) 
X marks the spot... especially if it's 3 of them in a row! 
I got a cute little terracotta square tile and white chalk to write the board onto the terracotta... which obviously I tied string on! The chalk board washes right off when you don't need it, turn the rocks back over and you have a sweet little table deco. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A New Blog I Follow

Welcome to my list of blogs I follow Gluten Free Goddess! Your meals have already helped me and my family! Thank you muchly!!

If you're in need of some gluten free ideas for dinner, head over to her blog and check out some of the meals Karina has posted. I currently have her Beef stew simmering away yummy-ing up for dinner tonight. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

How To Fit Almost 50% More Into Your Suitcase

Ever gone on holidays with your bags already pretty bulging full and then look at those same bags on the way home and just wonder, how on earth and I supposed to fit it all back in??!!! If you're anything like me you're probably coming home with triple double the amount of clothes you left with. 

So here is my handy tip on how to fit double the amount of clothes into your suitcase... the only thing I can't shrink is accessories and shoes.  This is my kids suitcase... Well... Millas suitcase, but Phoenixes clothes are in there with hers.

Rolling Rolling Rolling!
Lets get rolling!

Roll everything, as tight as you can. Here is shirts, shorts, jeans and dresses

Even roll the undies!

And tuck them in the gaps...

Roll your socks like a little sleeping bag

5.One normal packed pink sock compared to my white rolled sock! Takes up half the space

Everything fits better than when I left on holidays even though we gained almost double the amount of clothes

All packed and ready to...erm.. roll ;-) HA!

I did our suitcase like this too, so we managed to fit everything in perfectly. 

A word of advice tho... this doesn't halve the weight of the suitcase! It will still be as heavy as a fully packed suitcase- just more compact. 

Happy Re-packing!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Installing A Bin Into Your Kitchen Cupboard

I have a one year old... and what do one year olds do? Touch everything!! I used to have our bin on top of the washing machine, a front loader, high above where he could possibly reach. Unfortunately my front loader stopped functioning properly and couldn't handle the work load. Bring on a big big top loader!! 

Anyways! Because of this I need to move our bin. I have eyed off those bins that live in the cupboard under the sink and when you open the door it comes out and the lid opens... but I have never like the price of it. So this is my solution to the hidden cupboard bin!

Installing a bin into your Kitchen Cupboard

Grabbed our current 13Lt bin and screwed it into our under sink cupboard door, using two screws. Fits perfectly! Yes!... (I literally tossed out the bag on the floor just out of view of this picture and drilled holes in my bin and cupboard- hey! Once you have a great idea you gotta run with it!)

 Oh excuse the mess... this was a very impromptu idea, and required a complete shift around of the potato holder (now holding recycling) and other under-sink junk
Closed the cupboard to check if I got it right... yup fits great. Closed the other side. Looks good, everything is hidden away from little fingers.

O.o Went to open the door with the bin on it and... both doors open... Oh dear, Houston we have a problem! 
I thought we might be able to put up with it and just open both doors to get to the bin. Then the rubbing door started to wear holes into the garbage bags. OK! problem to solve.


10Lt Bin! $4 from Bunnings
It's the same height and width as the other one, just shorter in length. 

2 screws holding it on. I did the screws down low so I could easily slip a bag over the top rim

Closes and more importantly opens!! WIN!

So this little project cost me $4 as I had the two screws on hand. Sweet! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ice Cream Sunday Kit

Do you have that one person who is young and hard to buy for? Christmas and Birthdays I always struggle with some people... What to get the people who can get whatever they want? What to get the people who are quirky? A gift voucher??! I really wanted to avoid gift vouchers and DVDs this year. I wanted a little more personal than that. 

Here is a tasty little present idea (done with inspiration from Pinterest- but I lost the original pin!) This was a great idea for my sister. The girly-girl presents just didn't seem to suit her quirky personality, so that canceled out everything I've made so far! Ha!  

The Ice Cream Sunday Kit!

I may have "had" to eat the left overs of these Mini M&Ms...
These little jars were a great find! $1 each!

4 Mini Jars: Chopped Nuts, Mini M&Ms, 100's and 1000's, chocolate sprinkles
1 Medium jar: Mini marshmallows
Waffle cones
Waffle baskets
Chocolate Ice Magic
Mini Toblerone Chocolate bar

So Yummy! and fun. 


We are home!

I have Internet again! I am so so so so so so so so so excited to have Internet again! Back into the swing of projects, house Reno's, preschool and swimming lessons. 

What's first on the list? a new bin- yes boring. But I have just installed our old bin into the cupboard (which I will show you soon as I've taken photos) It fits perfectly height-wise, but it's just a tad too long and I have to open both cupboards to access it completely. Eh. Not bad for an impromptu decision to install the bin onto the cupboard door.

Other than that, I'm researching which orbital sander to get.