Monday, December 3, 2012

Project: Wooden Bunting

Bunting is super popular at the moment. Which is great because, it looks amazing and is so, so, versatile to what ever the occasion/room is. I've seen, paper, cardboard, tassels, fabric, doilies, baby shirts,  pictures, cake toppers, knitted, pom poms, washi tape... so, as per normal, Newly Antiques Bunting is made of.... da da da duuuuummmmmm..... Timber.

Wooden Bunting

 Hanging up in my white room (Art Studio)

Beautiful chains linking them

Slight floral detail

Rough edges, giving that antique, rustic and real feel to the design.

I am in looove with how they turned out. For bunting that is made of something so sturdy, it still feels so delicate to look at. Plus I had fun making it. 

These are For Sale, feel free to contact me for orders/availability, Australia only