Thursday, December 6, 2012

Photo Shoot in the White room

I had a little fun photo shoot today using Bunting and a few other things that I have either painted or created. Thought you might like to have a stick-beak at them. 


I like them!

I am loving having my white room!!... the art studio... to display some of my fun things. Granted the kids sprawled out behind me, crayons and pens littered everywhere and Phoenix creating himself a nest of blankies ha! Milla "helping" to decorate. What is life without mess hey? Maybe I should do a post about how to -Attempt- to keep kids mess under control. One day when I have mastered it!! ha!!

Hmm anyways. Hope you enjoyed my little eye candy photo shoot! I had fun rearranging everything and designing the spaces.  


Nautical Bunting!!

I love Bunting. I, I, I just do!!