Thursday, December 13, 2012

How To: Spray Paint a Picture Frame

Spray Painting has definitely increased in popularity lately. I love it- but not for every project. Sometimes brush stroked can really add to a project, a little texture, a little depth and character. Other times it's nice to just do a quick spray, it's done, move onto the next. For painting frames I have done both, paint/spray paint.

Last frame project was a burst of hand painted red for Christmas decorations, this time I am going to spray paint a thrify frame to get the colour I want. It's not really upcycled, per-say, as I bought it from a dollar shop and it is getting a newer-new life? ha! So what does that make it? altered? adjusted? changed to how I like it. 

Don't be afraid to buy the style you like and adjust the colours later
(As long as you do actually do the colour change you intended, if not, 
keep looking. Lets not turn into hoarders people!)

My Tips on Spray Painting Projects goes a little something like this...

*Do it outdoors
*Protect surrounding area from over spray
*Keep out of windy areas
*Read the Spray can instructions!
*Shake-it' shake-it' shake-it' like a Polaroid 
*Light, even coats.
*Once your finished, Turn can upside down and spray until nothing comes out to clean out the nozzle, ready for it's next use. 

Okay! Down to business! 

 Grab a frame, take out all innards 

Your choice of spray paint... mine is Satin White by White Knight
 Handy Tip: Satin is not flat, it's not gloss, 
it's sandwiched in between.

Test out the spray first.

Spray even, light, strokes to avoid dribbles and heavy areas.
This (pictured) is one coat.
Take note of drying times for re-coat written on can, cause they are all different.

Once dry reassemble the frame.

Super-dooper easy right?! Yup! You can do it!

Makes such a difference hey?!

Millas Preschool photo is headed "straight to the pool room"{The Castle}