Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to : Remove Labels

This has got to be one of the easiest parts of DIY. Removing the labels off the mason jars you've been collecting. I cannot stand torn labels and price tags or left over sticky gluey bits on jars or drink bottles or new tupperware or books or cutlery or ok you get my point... When I get a new book I de-label that bad-boy so quickly, no one would ever know there was one there!

Ok back to jars. 

There is some kind of de-glug products out there on the market that you can rub on and it will dissolve the glue. I prefer this method because it's just so cheap and easy to do.

How to : Remove Labels 

What you'll need:
Hot water/boiling water
Dish detergent
Kitchen sink.
1. Fill up the sink with hot soapy water and pop the clean jars in the water.

A. If it's a normal label, hot tap water will do
B. If it's a particularly stubborn label, use boiling water*. 

2. Soak until the labels easily peal/rub off.
Sometimes I just pop them in the sink at night and when I wake in the morning put the labels in the bin and drain the sink.

Too easy right??!!  Yup! Now go make the most awesome, Pin-worthy, craft project with your clean jars/bottles

*Dont be silly with boiling water. Think, think think! Hot Hot Hot!