Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2 Things You Should Write Down...

There are just some things in life that are better to write down... Here are two of them!

1. Throw together Dinners!! 

How many times do you just throw together a dinner and while you eat it your thinking "This is the best freakin' dinner! Wow! I should do this more often"
... and then by the time the nights over you've forgotten it and all it's ingredients!! Forever disappeared into the nothingness of forgotten throw-together-dinner land.

Yup so! lets remedy this problem- Write it down. After dinner, grab your cook book, make up some random name to match its awesome-ness like "Whats-it-called dinner" or "Thing-a-me-bob-chicken mash up". Then it can become a family regular dish that your kids will want in their recipe book one day. 

2. The I love list
Not what your expecting, although that's a good idea too, but this is the I love gift list.

 "I love ....{insert item}" exclaimed your bestie 
 "I want... {insert item}" MIL mumbled randomly

Take note of these little side comments. Those moments in a conversation when someone reveals something they have always wanted. I tend to forget everything, so writing it down guarantees I remember those little things that people who matter really want. When Christmas and Birthdays come rolling round, you will have a head start on what could make the BEST present! 

Also minimises the brain-fart moment when you have no clue what to get anyone a day before Christmas! I do lists on my phone, so it's always handy.

So there you have it! Dinners and gifts. Write it or forget it ha!