Wednesday, December 5, 2012

19 more days till Christmas 2012

How's your Christmas planning going? Are you organised? Are you one of those people who lay-by (Lay-away?) gifts months and months in advance and have your Christmas feast all planned out?

I'm not. HA!! I am so unorganised this year! 

Oh well... It will all come together, I'm sure...

When I was younger, living at home, I used to make my family wait till after my birthday to put up the Christmas tree!! *Blush* that means only 12 days to enjoy the Christmas tree up! I have since revoked that rule, mainly because, I wanted to hang my wooden stars that I made in november- Well you gotta have a tree to hang them on! (Even in the middle of november! Hehe).

Little helpers are the best

Hope your tree is looking good! If it's not up yet, get crack-a-lackin'! (Yes, that's a word) 
It's only 19 more days!! 

Milla asks all the time if it's Christmas day yet... I really should make an Advent Calendar for her. Might help her understand how many sleeps we have to go.. oh! plus! Since we are a few days in, if we get a chocolate one, we get to open multiple days!! Yum!! Sounds like a plan to me.