Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Reality Of It All

I quite often hear: I don't know how you do it! How do you get time to make things and be creative? Well, I am not about to toot my own creative horn and say, easy-peasey blah blah. Here's a more accurate saying from my cupcake friend...

"I can always tell when you're doing a project,
The house is a mess"

Love the honesty and truly, she is correct.

I love a clean, clean, house... but those moments are far and few between with two littlies running around. One creative crafty princess and one hurricane toddler. I prefer to clean at 7:30pm when I know I can enjoy a clean house for 12 hours... even if I am asleep for 11.5 of those hours! Ha! 

I clean during the day too... but if I asked you to point to the area I just cleaned, I bet you would struggle! Ha! Hurricane Phoenix tends to follow me to "Help" 

So here it is... a glimpse into my reality (Behind the clean photo area.)

 Trail of toys

 Elmo... who is currently pretending to be a dog on a lead.

 Safety first!... err except for the clamps and jigsaw 

My dinning room table always looks like this. "Flowers" in the fruit bowl, stencil clippings, paint, wand, yoghurt lid etc etc etc...

Oh, and yes! Drum sticks in my printer! Hello!

Hope it makes you feel relaxed about your home. 
I am not a super mum, just like the rest of the world. xx

So how do I get projects done? Well, I either bribe myself... If you put the dishes away you can paint. Or...

 Dishes? What dishes? - My favourite.  

Make the time to do what you love!! xx