Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Project: Adding a touch of Christmas

Christmas Time! Christmas Time!! Most crafty time of the year, really, don't you think? Gifts and decorations- so much fun!! I don't have a lot of storage space to keep tons of decorations for year after year in storage, and I cant leave them out! Especially when the decorations are so specific to a particular season it would just look odd having them out all year.... Baubles in June anyone? Reindeers in September? No? Ok.

I have several cheap-o, thrifty-sourced, frames about my house, they are decorating my piano (that I use as my fake mantle shelf, cause we don't have a fireplace). They are currently Duck Egg Blue, because it is the coolest colour in the world matched the decor theme surrounding it at the time. Now that it's Christmas, its not expressing the festive theme very well... time for a make over!!

Duck Egg Blue frame. Tutankhamen. Lollie rewards for potty use... 

Add a splash of RED!!

2 coats of Red straight over the top of the Duck Egg. 

Simple and elegant I think. Add a few tree baubles and I have made the little area a bit more festive without compromising my storage space at all.

 Even the tissue box is feeling festive. 

I am even excited for January, After the Christmas tree has been packed away. I'll get out my paint scraper and scrape off some red and chip through some of the under layers. There is so much potential!

A lick of paint on things can instantly change the feel and look of an item. 
Before you throw something out see if you can upcycle it into something different. 

Give it a try!!!