Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pinterest Picks of the Week

I am a self confessed Pinterest-aholic, I would be chairman of the PA's... Pinterest Anonymous. It is such a great concept and it definitely saves me having loads of different pages open in my internet browser (so I remember where everything I like is on the web). 

I do realise some people are not signed up for Pinterest, and that's okay! It does draw away quite a bit of time and attention. Throughout the week I collect some of my favourite pictures, either as inspiration to make/try something new or just as delicious eye candy!

Here are my... *Drum roll*
 Pinterest Picks of the week!

Anchors away!! Bottoms up! Either way these Champaign glasses are too cool!  

Oh Lisa Leonard! You creative genius! 

Etsy- If you love handmade amazing products-- stay away from Etsy!! 
Okay, I've sufficiently warned you... now check out Etsy!! They have some great stuff!!

Um, Hello! Spray Painted toys. Who knew right!? Will have to try this! 

Oh Pallets, how I love thee...

I love how incredibly creative people are!! 

Check out the blogs/sites that these pieces come from by clicking source. 
All pictures are borrowed from their owners- not mine ;-)