Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kids Craft: Little Fairy Gardens

It's been raining lately so the grass is growing like crazy-town! We need to mow it once it dries out, however, until then, it makes for a great big wilderness just aching to be explored-- ey' there be buried treasure out there... wait, no...

 Be careful where you step for there is tiny little fairies 
dancing about the long grass and flower buds 
gathering up the raindrops to make 
splash puddles for us to jump in!  

Quick! Gather up some nature, the fairies need a garden!

Supplies Needed:
Disposable plate or bowl

Gather up the nature, make it pretty. Tell me a story of who wants to live there

Phoenixes "attempt" ended up with soaked PJs hanging on the line and a nakie-butt photo-bombing Millas photos... He preferred to play in the splashy puddles the fairies had made already. Boys. 

Weeds? no way! These are beautiful, elegant yellow and white decorations


Tinkerbell doesn't live here though, Milla was very adamant about that. Only the Garden Fairy lives here, and it must stay beside the Christmas tree so everyone can see it. 

There is so many additions that could come with this craft. Rocks, sticks, houses of some sort! The options are endless- or limited by one's imagination. 

Get Creative!