Friday, November 23, 2012

Give the Kid a Box

How many times have we heard "He played with the box more than the gift that was in it!"-- ALL the time! Kids love boxes! They are like a portal into another world!

It's a Car!

It's a Rocket!

It's a blank canvas to decorate!

It's a hide-y hole to play pick-a-boo in! 

 Like your box buddy? 

Told this girl to strike a pose...

Morning tea in a box... literally! Ha! 

Where's Phoenix?

If you have holidays coming up and ever, by chance, come across boxes- Grab some!! Make them big enough to get into though. These boxes came from Bunnings, Milla asked, I figured heck! Why not!!

Millas decorations so far

Hours of fun! Free (most of the time) and if it gets destroyed? It don't matta'... throw it in the recycling bin.

Have a good weekend!!!