Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gift Tags: Pt One

'Tis the season to buy gift tags, fa la la la laaaa la la la laaaaa.....

How's about we rethink the standard pack of Christmas Gift Tags and jump outside of the box for a moment? 

House hold supplies, repurposed creatively can make a statement on your presents instead this year!!

Picture Hanging Wire Gift Tag

Milla has a beautifully flowy name which make this type of gift tag work really well, but with a little creative thinking you could do most names. I managed to spell out Phoenix... and then Milla got to it before I could take a picture and very lovingly straightened the wire for me... How unhelpful thoughtful. 

Picture hanging wire is great because it is so soft and mouldable, but any flexible wire would work. You could make it as small or large as you want (or need).

Kids love helping with this one.

Dried or fresh.
At least I know that there is no landfill with these gift tags.

 Pen or paint on a name, hole punch a hanging hole. 
Thread through ribbon or twine.

Milla, designing her own leaf Gift Tag

Heart Leaf Gift Tag.

Everyone needs some leafy greens xx