Saturday, October 27, 2012

Take a Load off...Part 2! 5 Time Saving Laundry Tips

The one downfall to having all your washing done, is that you also have to do all your folding, ironing pfft yeah right! and putting away too! Ha! Shock horror! Telling you something you didn't already realise!!

I love doing the laundry. It's one of those weird things- like my love of mowing the lawn. Weird I know, but yet it's helpful considering I have to do it continually for the rest of my life. I think it's that beautiful fresh clothes smell that's in the air when the clothes are drying that I love so much.

During one of my recent major conquer-the-laundry-pile expeditions I discovered a couple of things that have helped to shorted the process again! -- And who wouldn't want that!!

Firstly, Part 1 is HERE. Maybe get those tips and then add these ones to that list ok?

1. This is the most important!

Set yourself a timer and have stuff done before it goes off...

Works best if it's the timer that's looking after a chocolate cake cooking in the oven!

I told myself... 
"If you get all the laundry off the line and put away by the time that goes off you can have some"

I replied to myself "Whatcha gonna do if I don't? hmm?"
"Well, cake anyways, but still. GO get the washing!!"

...Yes. I not only talk to myself. I talk sassy to myself!
I'm okay with that
Ok, cakes cooking lets get to number 2!!

2. This is to help you save some time... 
See this, yes it's neat. But I challenge you to... 
Find the empty hangers that I need to put my clean shirts on! 
Ready-- Go! 

Put your empty hangers to one side every time you take a shirt!! 
Hello! So much quicker to grab that stack to put the clean ones onto 

3. Have more hangers than shirts/hangable items...

Nothing worse than not having enough hangers when everything is clean. Yeah that one brief moment before the washing pile overflows yet again. Just because you have spare hangers- doesn't mean you have to go shopping for more! Hehe!! but...

4. Quit folding undies!!

This is how I usually fold undies. Gosh that's so neat and lovely!! But, that's 3 folds. Wow! What a waste for something that goes, well, where the sun don't shine.

Ta-Dah! Buzz!
Hehe, so they are obviously not mine, my little boy has a
 buzz obsession that goes all the way to his undies.
This is how I put Phoenix and Milla's undies away- No folding at all! I saved myself a lot of time by just putting them away flat! 

The adult version is to just fold it in half. That's 2 less folds than usual. 
The habitual, OCD side of me wants to fold it perfectly but it honestly is a waste of time and I have a lot of other things I need to do- undies folded perfectly? not one of them. 

While we are on the subject- If you IRON YOUR UNDIES... STOP IT!! Ha! 

5. Store your socks next to your shoes.

Well this just makes sense. A goes with B so may as well store it AB. 

All done? CAKE TIME!!!!!!