Monday, October 15, 2012

Snow Trip in Spring Time

Spring time snow fall... yup, you heard me right. One hour from our home it snowed! In Spring! In Australia! In the Blue Mountains! Ok, lets put some history behind my excitement... I have never seen snow, 27 years old and I've never seen snow. See? I'm excited, way too excited.

About 2:30pm we heard that it had snowed that morning in the Mountains, by 3pm Phoenix and I were dressed, packed and bundled up into the car to pick Milla up from Preschool and off on an adventure to see the white wonder. The roads are closed! said the party poopers EVERYONE, but!! There were no roads closed anywhere when we went through. Yay!! 

We were also exceptionally excited to have our beautiful friend Sarah come along for the adventure... and the bonus thing.. She is a Photographer!! eeek!!! Which means that instead of my burry attempt at some family photos, today you get this eye candy!   

 We found the snow!!!

 Snow ball coming at you!!

 My grubby little bubby!

 They kept ganging up on me! So I got my revenge!!  hahaha!!! Mummy wins! 

See!! Two against one! hey!

Excited doesn't even begin to cover this photo!

*Swoon* This girl 

I have no words- Sarah has captured my family so so well on our impromptu adventure- Thanks babe!

Check out Sarah's Photography Page HERE
She has a bloggy too :-)  
If you book in a session let her know Kellie sent you!!

All photo credits to Sarah- Thanks you so much for letting me share your photos! xx