Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shortening a Suitcase Strap Clip

I had to google to find out what this strap is called!! A Suitcase strap, a highchair harness, pram seat belt clippy-thingy-me-bob... See that black thing on the picture below... THAT! Is now called a clip. OK? Great! Glad we have that sorted.  

Shortening a Clip! 
See now that doesn't work... 

Shortening the strap of a suitcase strap clip
Gah! You know what I mean!! 

So this bad boy was about 40cm long... which was about 36cm too long for the Boy Box.
Cut it with kitchen scissors to the length you want. It's about now that you will realise that it will keep unraveling and unraveling and unraveling and annoy the jeepers out of you.

Ya see... That hole is where the screw needs to go, so I cannot afford to go past there... Stop unravelling!!!! 

Grab a flame, I used a Kitchen lighter.

 OK lets do the warnings!!

Be safe, don't be stupid OK? No really- Do NOT be stupid*

Hold the flame close to the edge and run the flame along the edge to melt the straps frayed bits. I also did around the hole I cut for the screw to go in.

This doesn't take very long! Move the flame up to the edge with caution!* 

This also works for your pram or highchair or a lot of other 
things that have these straps that may be fraying

Watching and paying attention*  
Well ventilated area. No children around.*
Don't breathe in the fumes*

*I will not take responsibility for your stupidness :-) So Behave!!