Monday, October 29, 2012

Project: Dying Natural Twine

Halloween is coming so everything is turning pumpkin orange. Last year I totally forgot to get sweets for the little snookems who made the effort to dress up! So this year I remembered!!

I had a little idea of small lolly bags that my kids could give out. To tie the bags closed I wanted orange twine. I don't think I've ever seen orange twine around, but then again I don't believe I've ever looked for it either. Orange is not exactly my favourite colour. So I figured to just use what I have laying about in my craft supplies.

Dying Natural Twine

Glass bowl, 
Food colouring, 
A little water 
twine and 
Glad wrap

Put it all together in the glass bowl, any colour you choose. 
I am doing Orange; 2 yellow:1 red 

I didn't want to turn my hands completely orange so I laid a square of glad wrap (cling wrap/ saran wrap) over the top of the twine and mixed it round like that.

Bundled the twine into the Glad wrap and squished it a bit more to make sure it was all covered

 Put it outside to dry


Orange Ties for Halloween lolly bags.