Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pretty Flower Girl and Charming Ring Bearer

My kiddies had the privilege of being Ring Bearer and Flower Princess Girl at our friends wedding!! 

Just picture it! Under the shade of the biggest ever green tree you've ever seen. Ducks wandering around, wild flowers everywhere, and a spring breeze gently blowing. Oh and backing onto a pond with a bridge. Hello! How romantic! 

Your eyes are gonna love these (no, I'm not even gonna try and be modest! HA!) 

My little Ring Bearer showing Espen the drummer how to play properly 

My love!! Resting before singing the Processional song.
David Andrew Trio - That's right! He's this handsome and talented!
Check him out Here 

Alrighty, did they hire Daddy or Son? Both? 

Here they come!!!! eek!!

Princess on the Ivy Swing

Milla and Phoenix

Picking flowers after the wedding

Home made toffee apples!

Oh gosh these two!!


It was an absolutely perfect day and I couldn't have been more proud of my entire family and the blushing bride and groom! Milla stood there so perfectly taking it all in, while Phoenix, as you can see- ate from his ring bearing box!! Ha!! He wasn't actually entrusted with the rings, he had dry breakfast cereal in it instead.

Congratulations Robby and Charissa!!!