Friday, October 19, 2012

Pops of Red

I am loving hints of RED Decor throughout my house, especially in my kitchen. So I've been window shopping... well, um, screen shopping? Dreaming of all things cute and Red. Red and Navy (My feature wall colour) looks so good together. 

Here are some super cute Red knicky-knacks...

Red and Polkadots? Hello! What a great Milk jug
 "Would you like some milk for your tea?" Said in my best British accent. I don't think I would ever use one as a proper milk jug, everyone I know drinks coffee, but it would look great on top of my cupboards or as a juice jug or even a planter for some strawberries on the window sill!!!

Phoenix broke my last tea pot, heck! Why not invest in a red one! 

One thing is true. I am slightly obsessed with clocks. At one point I had 2 on the walls only feet away from each other. But as soon as I found a new home for one of them... you can guess where I always looked first to see the time. Yup! The empty spot. Some habits are hard to beak.

But this vintage Newgate clock is just yummy! and the Pop of Red would look so good!! It would look good on most walls tho.

This antique phone is adorable! I have dreams of owning a vintage phone that has been rewired with modern techknolegy... Okay. Yup I just spelt that like that!! Ha! and left it there for either your frustration or amusement :-)