Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mini Vacation To Melbourne

Our little family just came home from a mini vacation. We went to Melbourne stayed a few nights and took in all the coffee and culture that we could. I don't think it would ever be possible to see all the lanes and coffee shops in Melbs! Every corner you look around has another set of coffee shops with gorgeous settings and enticing chocolate cakes. Pinterest was born in Melbourne I'm sure!! - Okay that's a lie. But Pinterest and Melbourne are at least best buddies. 

*To save your downloads-ish, I'll show you some photos now and some photos tomorrow*

Took the kids to the Aquarium. I had just as much fun as they did-- Penguins are amazing!!

 Did you know that Penguins just stand still until all their baby feathers drop off and the new ones take their place? Seriously there is a trail of pee because they just don't move for months!... OK maybe that's just for this particular breed- who knows- but it was interesting fact either way.

This girl is getting braver and braver. Holding a starfish or two

Random fact #2!! Did you know that sharks lay eggs!!!!! Some do!
I got to touch a shark egg. Weird!! 

 We found Dory!!

 Walking through the tunnels in the Aquarium. The 5 year old in me wanted to skip through and lay down in the middle of the floor and take it all in.
Sharks, Octopus, Spider Crabs, Dory, Nemo, some other humongous fish bigger than my 4 year old, sting rays with the happiest looking faces, I highly recommend this place! 

Melbourne Museum. 

There was a special feature display at the Melbourne Museum, so after a quick visit to a coffee shop or two we made our way there. Unfortunately the kids are not very interested the Wonders of Mesopotamia so David and his Dad went through that part, while Grandma and I went through the DINOSAURS!!!! YEAH!!!! (OK so my inner 5 year old looved this trip ha!)

 The Kids have been watching the show "Dinosaur Train" at home, Milla walks into the museum and says... 

"Mummy!!! Its a T-Rex like buddy!! and Look mummy!! 
It's a Brachiosaurus they are a quadruped and eat leaves!"

-She figured that out just by looking at bones! (Proud mummy boast)
Hello Miss 4 year old palaeontologist!  Thanks Dinosaur Train!!

Dino Eggs!!

Managed to squeeze in a full body massage and some reflexology, in between coffees and staring at the maps pointing in every direction slightly lost and touristy looking. But I figured- What the heck!- I have my Nikon wrapped around my neck anyways, may as well go full tourist and bust out a pamphlet with the city map and some cargo pants. Lets do this!! 

More to come!

P.S I've missed you!