Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gift Tags: Name Tags and Herbs

Ever wondered what herbs, twine and Weet-Bix combine to make? 
My herbs are growing like crazy at the moment and my cooking just can't keep up with the supply. It seemed like too much of a waste to throw such nice herbs away just because I needed to prune them back a tad. So I bundled some up with some twine and set about delivering them to the neighbours.

OK! Back to the Weet-Bix... No not the actual Weet-Bix, just the box! 

Gift Tags/ Name Tags

Cut some rectangles as neat as you want, tie them onto the twine. I used the opening flap because I still have some Weeties to eat for breakfast tomorrow and needed the box to store them in.

Pencil on the names of the herbs, because it suits the rustic vibes that herbs just naturally draw to. 

Breath fresheners... Parsley

Curry Coriander 

And very versatile Rosemary.

Recycling cardboard for gift tags/name tags works for herbs or even on presents. Done right, it adds a little texture and a rustic homemade authenticity to a gift. 

Christmas crazy season is coming and with it comes all the expenses of gifts and brain strain of deciding what to get everyone. I'll be doing a gift tag series to give you some super fun, cute and unique ideas for decorating and naming your presents this year!!