Sunday, October 7, 2012

Family Trip Part 2

Still at the Melbourne Museum...

After we saw all the Dino bones we went and saw the other areas including the underwater area, the bugs, animals, rain forest... in the middle of the building and the history of Melbs area. Fun!

 Bahaha! Only my kids would pose like this!! 

 If only my photoshop was working, I would crop this fun photo. 

 Horse drawn carriage ride- yes!!! This guy was lovely! He took us to see the city lights two nights in a row. Milla and Phoenix waved to everyone, and I mean everyone.

Train station by night

Doing our best Beatles impersonation at 11pm.... David, some random who joined in, me and Kaitlyn. Melbourne people are so friendly!! We had three of us, attempting this pose. everyone in the nearby bars and cafes were shouting out "The Beatles!! Yes!! You need a fourth!"Take your shoes off!!" Ha!

Two random guys walk past "Hey!" They say.
"Do you need another??"

Rips his shoes off and poses for us.

Photo bombed by the boy.