Monday, October 29, 2012

Easy Halloween Lolly Bags

I'm not sure how most people give out Halloween lollies or candy, this is my first year treating the kids that come round. Halloween isn't very big here, we don't personally celebrate it, and to be honest the only thing I know about it is; It seems to have a lot to do about pumpkins, dead things, and girls with skimpy outfits on... Seriously! Put some clothes on! Okay, putting the mummy voice aside now, Ha!

What fun will it be to have lolly bags to give the cute little munchkins who come-a knockin'! 

Happy Pumpkin Halloween Lolly Bags

Potato stamps are the best!!

Used the same food dye from the last post about dying Natural Twine 
and Brown paper lunch bags

 It's a happy little Pumpkin stamp

Getting Stamp happy...
Because it was food colouring it dried very very quickly.

My spoils!!! Arrr... wait that's a Pirate.

Teamed up with the newly Orange twine. 

I think this will be a fun surprise lolly bag for the kids Super heros and ghosts to open when they get home. 

Also makes it easier for my kids to hand out the lollies....
 and not eat them all before everyone comes round!!