Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All Boys need a Box

Little boys love all things to do with trucks, cars and buttons. Well, they also love latches, clips and opening and closing things roughly. With my gorgeous nephew's second birthday coming up what better thing to get him than a BOY BOX! Ok so there is no such thing...

What two year old wouldn't want a bruiser carry box with awesome latches and clips and opens to put your cars in!!

Introducing the... 
Boy Box!

 Screws forming a G Monogram 
Instead of a Gift Tag- Think about how you could possibly involve the persons initials into the gift.
So many latches and clips and a good sturdy handle.

 Swing it open... shove something in, hide some crackers from mummy, 
Lightning McQueen and daddy's phone. Ha! You know they will! 

 The other side. More bolts and latches to play with. And a few pencil doodling marks still on whoops Could leave those on for that authentic manly tool box look.

 Phoenix testing it out... you know. 
Cause he couldn't keep his hands off it :-)

Little Boys Box! Yeah!