Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rozelle Markets

Our family spent the whole day at the markets today, the best markets I've ever been too! No Nanna knitted tea towels in sight! Ha! Amazing. Plenty of antique china, furniture, trinkets, pocket watches, beautiful masquerade masks and vintage hipster clothing.

Phoenix fell in love with a Buzz plush doll action figure (cause doll is such a girly word) that once acquired would not or possibly, could not, be pried from his Toy Story obsessed hands. Because we love him and it was about 4 hours passed his nap time. Yeah you guessed it. I parted with my $5 and he is currently asleep cuddling his beloved Buzz Lightyear.

About 6 hours later we emerged with a few little treasures. 2 tired children and 3 tired adults went across the road and had the healthiest vegetarian and organic lunch and then made the journey home.

Phew. Two large soy lattes later...

Amazing how a great day can be so exhausting! The kids were asleep by 6:30pm and by 8:30-- I thought it was midnight!!

We drove through the end of a rainbow on the way home! (a double rainbow too!)
It's definitely a rare opportunity! Didn't find that gold though?!

Over the bridge was a perfect rainbow, you could see where it landed on both sides.

A great end to a lovely family day.