Saturday, September 8, 2012

Project: Pallet Wood Shelves

Spring has sprung! I have seen the teeniest tiniest green leaves sprouting from my winter bare trees! Spring has only been here for a few days and we have already made a trip to Bondi Beach. Granted we spent more time investigating the local streets than on the beach due to the wind. It was picking up the sand and blowing it too much to enjoy sitting and enjoying the sunshine. Oh well, it's the start of many trips I am sure.

Saturday naps... even Molly joins in.

While everyone was asleep or next door playing with the neighbours, I decided that enough was enough! It's time to start working again. This silly back pain can just go away, I am too busy for it ha! 

Project: Pallet Wood Shelves!

Oh it felt good to get out the tools again. Jigsaw, power saw and hammer...

Still have a lot left of this one.

Pulling out the old nails

Equal timber lengths ready to go.

--Into The Laundry--
I removed a corner shelving unit that got broken a while back and have had to put up with all my laundry products all over the kitchen table or shifted onto the floor in the laundry and then back to the kitchen. Today I had to do something about it! 

I got some lovely black brackets from Bunnings, measured my pallet wood and cut it all to size (pictured before). I have left it raw because I adore the look of it.

I got the spiral brackets so I can tread a pole through it if needed to hang spray bottles.

3 Pallet Wood shelves up and ready to go! 
Shocking lighting. I'll take a better photo tomorrow during the daylight.

Next things to change: light fixture (Those new energy efficient light bulbs are too big for the old light covers!) and change the taps over the sink to something a little more industrial.