Sunday, September 16, 2012

Easy Gift Wrapping for a 2 Year Old

It's Phoenixes 2nd birthday on Tuesday, which means it is also his best friends birthday. Who coincidentally is my best friends son. Memphis is four hours older that Phoenix, we had no idea this would happen!

1. I was 2.5 weeks early and she was 10 days overdue and induced.
2. Same hospital
3. 4 doors apart from each other
4. 4 hours apart
5. Named our kids similar

Fun! It was so good to go through the newborn stage with someone who was experiencing the exact same things at almost the exact same time.

Memphis is having his Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party tomorrow and Phoenix picked out a "Cars" present for him. I thought about letting Phoenix wrap it, but he was too tired to want to do anything crafty today and it would be an interesting wrap to say the least! Milla would do a good job but she also needed a nap today... both have fevers. Boo to that :(

Easy Wrapping for a 2 Year old

I thought about doing a proper wrap, fully covered with sticky tape and all, but really, this gift is for a two year old who will get lots of gifts to unwrap during the day so why not make this one easy for him to have a sneak peak into, get excited and then easy to unwrap?

Gift bag
Pipe cleaners
Glue and googly eyes optional but super cute! 

Essential craft items to always have on hand.

Twist some pipe cleaners, first around the gift bag handle and then spiral around your finger.
Pull out some loops in the middle to make bug wings, maybe some little loops at the front to make ears

Glue on some googly eyes. 

You could make any creature you wanted.

Simple gift bag with boy bug deco. (A little hard to see from a distance) 

Close up of Mr Bug and a sneak peak of Memphis' gift. I love that he can easily see in it and get excited by what's inside.